Club Competitions

Whilst it would appear on the face of it that the idea of selecting which club competitions you are intending to enter this year is very early, time will fly and you will find yourself on the last minute. In other words the competition entry sign-up sheets are on the competitions notice board in the corridor near the back door so please enter as many as you can as soon as you can. REMEMBER IF WE DO NOT GET THE MINIMUM OF 8 ENTRIES THE COMPETITION WILL NOT BE HELD.

Please also note that there is a new exciting different competition for ALL to enter this year to celebrate the centenary. This will take a format similar to those matches shown on television with each game being played with four bowls over two sets of 10 ends with one point awarded for a win in each set or half a point if a set is drawn. Should there be no overall winner over the two sets then there will be a three end tie-breaker to decide the winner.

So please lets make the competitions in this centenary year a record in terms of the number of entries.

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