Southampton Old Green

The centenary season has now started in earnest as we welcomed the members of Southampton Old Green to the club on Sunday for our first of several centenary games. This one was special from three points of view, It was the first of the season, it was also St Georges Day and it was a game between the centenary club and the club playing on the oldest green in the world, first laid in 1299, a great cause for celebrations.

The game was played in reasonable weather, in a friendship developed over the years of playing annually here and in Southampton and although we were runners up with a score of 118 to 134, a shot difference of only 16 shots, it could be said that the match was fairly close. Congratulations to Harry Garlick, Debbie Greenwood, Rose Keen and Dave Reeves top rink on the top green and Ellen Stiles, William Ilott, Mike Mitcham and Robin Drake top rink on the bottom green.

Following the game Southampton made a presentation to the club of a suitably inscribed clock which now sits proudly on the glass shelf behind the bar. The members then stayed on and helped the club celebrate over a meal, lots of conversation, a bevvy or three and two great performances from the “Pewsey Belles Choir” with an interval session from Tom Coldwell a young and very talented jazz pianist.

Proceedings finished around 9.00pm and many congratulations are recorded to all who played their part in organising every aspect of the amazing day.



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