Coaching afternoon

Following the Open Day event on Saturday 6th May the coaching team held an open coaching session for all members to attend should they so wish. The total turn-out was good and those in attendance were sorted into small groups to go through the various exercises set up for them to try.

There were five rinks each arranged in a differing way in order to try the following techniques and receive guidance from the coaches where it was needed and or requested.

Rink one was used for the practice of jack delivery, rink two for practice on weight of the bowls, rink three to play with calculated weight by splitting the head and following through to take shot, rink four testing the ability to combine weight and line by bowling into a diamond of four bowls without actually touching them and finally a head set up with a toucher and jack in the ditch and the home team down by four shots therefore reading the head and then trying to take shot.

A short session of game play concluded the event which all concerned felt was a very useful afternoon.  After the match play all had an evaluation in the clubhouse and it was noted that they could ask the coaches for more individual coaching as necessary and informed that the team would willingly do another session if needed.

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