Swindon North End

On Saturday May 13th a team of players travelled to the North End of Swindon for one of the clubs regular annual friendlies played at home and away against the Swindon club. This was a six triples event and after a few changes brought about by various injuries and illnesses we eventually managed to meet this requirement in full so thanks to all the last minute volunteers who joined us and enjoyed a good close game of bowls. Particular congratulations to Elise Ambridge who at thirteen years of age was playing her first ever outdoor game for Devizes and I am told she really enjoyed the experience.

As to the game the rinks were a little tricky but we eventually shared the honours with three wins each but unfortunately lost the aggregate by just five shots. Well done the winning rinks of Ken Oliver, Richard Bradfield and Hazel case who picked up a four on the last end to win 17-16, Elise Ambridge, Ellen Stiles and Peter Romijn who were tying 12-12 at the fifteenth end but gained two singles and a three shot run in to finish at 17-12 and Sheila Turner, Geoff Woollan and Dave Greenwood who won the first six ends and continued to dominate with an eventual score of 20-8.

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