Devizes v Bitterne

On Wednesday 7th June the members of Bitterne Bowls Club decided to have a day trip out at Devizes Bowls Club where the teams competed in a six rink mixed friendly game. The game was played in a very friendly manner and even the weather was friendly so a good day all round.

Even the result in terms of rinks entered into the theme of things with each team winning three rinks but from a pride of place as far as Devizes is concerned was rink 1 on the bottom green who were declared as the top winning rink so well done Ellen Stiles, Dave Russell, Richard Bradfield and Terry Miles winning by 26 shots to 19.

Top Green:
Rink 4: Simon Northway, Kelvin Packer, Angela Roberts and Rosemary Bradbury 13-17.
Rink 5: Alison Cross, Mary Pearce, Michael Alexander, Ken Roberts 20 – 14.
Rink 6: Will Ilott, Ken Curtis, Bryan Reeves and Sheila Garlick 17-16.

Bottom Green:
Rink 1: Ellen Stiles, Dave Russell, Richard Bradfield and Terry Miles 26-19.
Rink 2: Lynne Williams, Stan Rutherford, Denise Howard and Keith Scrannage 15-17.
Rink 3: Marie Greenwood, Jane Ilott, Jeff Whiting and Lesley Russell 13-18.

Devizes 104 v Bitterne 101

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