Devizes School Visit

Tuesday 18th July saw the annual visit of pupils from Devizes Sports College, a visit that has taken place for a number of years under the guise of the club being involved in the community and bringing about a connection between the club and the younger generation in the hope that some, having sown the seeds, may, in later years join a club and enjoy the sport that we all enjoy.
Two sessions took place the first one in the morning from 11.00am to 12.15pm involving four boys and four girls and was played across three rinks two aiming at targets and scoring points and one delivering a jack to a circle of objects and achieving 5 points for a jack in the circle and 10 points for hitting the tennis ball in the centre.
The afternoon session from 1.30pm to 2.45pm involved 12 boys and the targets were replaced with other objects in a circle at different jack lengths and again a points system created a winner from the group.
Presentations were made to the winner of each session by way of a club badge and each pupil and their teacher were presented with gifts to remember the day by.
Many thanks to coaches Debbie and Ellen and helpers Geoff, Rosemary and for a short time Tom.

Dave Greenwood

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