Four Rink Friendly v Spencer Melksham

On Sunday 1st July, Men’s Vice Captain Tom Mullins took charge of the day for a four rink mixed home friendly against local rivals Spencer Melksham but despite some very close encounters on each rink unfortunately, in terms of the scoreline, finished on the losing side. In terms of the actual match the weather was excellent and the atmosphere friendly so a good time was had by all.

As there was no winning rink, Tom decided to award the usual top rink prizes to the rink with the smallest shot difference and the honours went to Will Ilott, Elise Ambridge, Ellen Stiles and Peter Romijn who only lost by one shot so many congratulation to them.


Rink 3: Sheila Turner, Roy Chumbley, Julie Romijn and Tom Mullins 14-20.

Rink 4: Will Ilott, Elise Ambridge, Ellen Stiles and Peter Romjn 18-19.

Rink 5: Richard Bradfield, Jane Ilott, Monty Smith and Denise Howard 21-23.

Rink 6: Peter Diwell, Nicola Sage, Bill Cowan and Rose/Dave Keen 19-25.

Totals: Devizes 73 – Spencer Melksham 87.


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