Mid Wilts “B” Back To Winning Ways (Just)

The Mid-Wilts “B” triples team travelled to Box on Thursday night hoping to halt a run of lost games. At the end of the evening it looked as though they had fallen into the trap that can be created by the scoring system of allocating 6 points to the team with the highest aggregate score. Devizes were winning on three rinks but losing on the fourth and the aggregate score was such that it was possible to win three of the four rinks but lose the game by losing the overall aggregate. However, luck prevailed because when the score were collated after the game the result was a tie at 73-73 so the 6 points were shared resulting in a 9-5 win for Devizes.

Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel 20-19 .
Simon Northway, Terry Miles and Dave Greenwood 21-11.
Steve Brown, Bernard Fox and Phil Cave 22-15.
Patrick Chapman, Phil Coombes and Dave Keen 10-28.

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