Six Rink Mixed Friendly v Chippenham Town

Sunday the 9th July was not the best of days bowling wise for Devizes although a good time in good company in good weather was had by all. The six rink mixed friendly against a strong team from Chippenham Town struggled to gain points from the opposition and only won on one rink, that of the captain of the day Sheila Garlick helped by Marion Oliver and Roy Chumbley.
After the match a good buffet and a drink was the order of the day with a presentation to the winning rink and the opposition captain

Rink 1: Mary Pearce, Harry Garlick and Angela Roberts lost 5-28
Rink 2: Heather Culleton, Eleanor Mahoney and Ken Oliver lost 9-20
Rink 3: Ken Curtis, Pat Miller and Bev Lilley lost 15-18
Rink 4: Brian King, Ellen Stiles and Ken Roberts lost 8-19
Rink 5: Pat Cartwright, Denise Howard and Bill Cowan lost 12-20
Rink 6: Marion Oliver, Roy Chumbley and Sheila Garlick won 19-10

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