Ladies v Retired Gents

The ladies and retired gents of Devizes entered the arena for the annual battle of the sexes on what turned out to be a friendly and enjoyable sunny afternoon. The contest was over just four rinks as the number of members signing up was very limited (WHERE WERE YOU ALL??) this annual contest is always an enjoyable in-house contest where everyone is welcome and an good starting point for newer bowlers.

As you would expect the friendly rivalry was in evidence from the word go but it was the ladies that took an early lead and at the 7th end were up on three rinks and by 14 shots. By the half way mark the men had managed to reduce this to just a 3 point deficit then went ahead by 3, then the ladies were ahead by 3 …………… and so it went on to the end.

Captains Sheila Garlick and Dave Greenwood decided to keep the result hush hush until after the buffet when the presentations started with a tribute and birthday surprise to our one and only Eleanor who was made to stand on a platform whilst the ensemble sang happy birthday.

After this top rink awards were presented and President Rosemary Bradbury retrieved the trophy secretly from the back office. Would it have a pink ribbon or would it have a blue one??? surprise surprise it was BOTH as the result was 79-79, a hard earned very fair draw.

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