Mid Wilts “B” On Form Again

Devizes Mid Wilts Triples “B” team travelled to Chippenham Park on Thursday 3rd August expecting a hard battle on what is reputed to be a heavy green to find that the greens played very well and as expected the battle was close with Devizes coming on top by just 6 shots.

The team manged to win on three of the four rinks with only Dave Greenwood, Peter Romijn and Ken Curtis missing out going down 11-22 whilst Michael Alexander, Will Wrobel and Geoff Woollan, who stood in for Terry as captain for the day and for his first time, well done Geoff, won 15-13 and on the other rinks Bernard Fox, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield won 24-11 and Steve Brown, Colin Smith and Phil Cave won 19-17

Total was 69-96, a 12 point to 2 win

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