Mid Wilts “B” v North Wilts “B”

The Mid- Wilts “B” team entertained North Wilts “B” team on Thursday night looking to turn around the result from the game in Chippenham earlier in the season when North Wilts won and subjected the “B” team with its first loss of the season.

The result this time was in the end favourable with two rinks, that of Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel on one team and Steve Brown, Phil Coombes and Phil Cave on another winning 27-7 and 20-18 respectively having been in the lead for most or all of the game.

Rink 2 with Patrick Chapman, Colin Smith and Dave Keen pulled off a third win with a magnificent recovery as they were well behind at the half way mark and struggling to get a look in. However, it was a game of two halves with the second half belong to the home team who caught up then went ahead to win 18-15.

Unfortunately the game did not go well for the fourth team of Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood who played catch up all evening never quite getting ahead and finishing with a loss of 11-19.

Final result was 76-58 and a 12 points to 2 win for the home team.

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