Mid Wilts “B” v Spencer Melksham

Thursday 17th August saw another Mid Wilts game against Spencer Melksham this time at home as one of the few remaining games to be played this season.

Unfortunately the trend against Melksham continued as yet again Devizes just missed out on obtaining a fully favourable result as Melksham took two rinks and Devizes two leaving the total result wholly dependent upon the aggregate score.

Rink 1 with Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel managed a tight win at 18-12 and on Rink 3 Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield carved out a hard fought 11-7 win. On the other two rinks Peter Romijn, Terry Miles and Dave Greenwood fought hard but finished 15-19 down and Simon Northway, Bernard Fox and Phil Cave had a difficult match and a successful run of games came to an end at 6-26.

Overall score was therefore Devizes 40 and Spencer Melksham 44 just 4 points adrift from winning the aggregate and resulting in a 10-4 league point loss

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