Devizes “B” v Chipenham Town

On Thursday 24th August the “B” team were welcomed at Chippenham Town for a Mid Wilts Triples League game with a difference as we started late and finished the game under floodlights. Excellent facility in one way but playing with yellow jacks did not bode well and coloured woods were also difficult to see under the lighting.
The game resulted in another loss for Devizes by 66 shots to 75 giving a league point allocation of 2-12 with Dave Greenwood and Peter Romijn happy to be back on a winning rink for a change with the help of Colin Smith.

Team 1: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel lost 13-17.
Team 2: Peter Romijn, Colin Smith and Dave Greenwood won 18-16
Team 3: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and Ray Ward lost 21-25
Team 4: Bernard Fox, Terry Miles and Phil Cave lost 14-17

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