Mid Wilts “B” v North Wilts “B”

The “B” team travelled to North Wilts for the final game of the Mid Wilts Triples season only to come away with yet another defeat. This however had no effect on the league positions so was not too disastrous and had the side effect that the win for North Wilts saw them move off the bottom end of the league table by a sufficient margin to stay in division 2 next year so well done them.

Team 1: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and Colin Smith lost 7-19
Team 2: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Terry Miles Lost 14-19
Team 3: Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood won 16-14
Team 4: Bernard Fox, Simon Northway and Phil Coombes won 16-11

Next Game peter Bradbury Trophy against the “A” team.

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