Portishead Tourists

On Friday 8th September we hosted Portishead as they travelled back home from touring the Isle of Wight. The weather was not good and the game was in danger of being cancelled but all had been prepared to provide a finger buffet on arrival and, to add to the problems the team coach was held up in traffic in Salisbury and arrived behind schedule.

It was decided to have the buffet then the two captains would assess the situation on the green. When the time arrived the sun had come from behind the clouds, the greens were payable with care so in order to ensure we had a social period after the match and the coach driver would not exceed his legal hours it was decided to play just 10 ends to at least finish their tour with a short game with us.
In the end Devizes won on four rinks, Portishead on two and one was drawn and the end shot difference was just 6 shots in our favour. All agreed that despite the trials and tribulations a great time had been had and all expressed the view that we would love to meet again for a full game. Perhaps the fixtures secretaries could arrange something.

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