Short Mat v Westbury (Away)

A Devizes Short Mat team (photo below) visited Westbury White Horse short mat cub on the evening of Wednesday 7th March for a friendly match. Taking into account the fact that Westbury are one or the top short mat clubs in the area our team, although finishing up on the losing side, did not disgrace themselves and put up a good fight. The team was divided into three fours who played 6 ends against a four from the opposition then swapped over and played a different four for a further six ends and finally a third four for the final 6 ends making 18 ends in all.

The fours were:

Mat 1: Anne Harris, Will Ilott, Trevor Fackrell and Colin Smith lost 4-6, 2-4 and 4-10.
Mat 2: Jane Ilott, Ken Curtis, Kevin Hannah and John Harris won 7-4 then lost 5-12 and 2-7.
Mat 3: Su, , Dennis Helm, Bernard Fox and Alison Cross lost 2-9, 1-13 and 4-11.

There will be a return match on home ground on Monday 13th March.

Report by Terry Miles.

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