Thought for the day

The title of this snippet is called “Thought for the day” perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it “Thought for the season”.

The poem below was first seen in the fixtures book of Greenhill Bowls Club Weymouth where we visited during our recent tour and could undoubtedly be in vogue for most clubs, particularly the smaller clubs BUT, i never thought the day would come when it applied to our club with 136 playing members, however, particularly on the men’s front, we are suffering badly in terms of support causing the workload to fall very heavily on just a few and major headaches for the team leaders when it comes to team selection each week. Please read carefully and consider if perhaps you could be available a little more often in order to relieve the stress on the team leaders and give those playing too many games the chance of a break..


Are you an active Bowler, the kind who would be missed
Or are you just contented that your name is on the list
Do you attend the meetings and discuss things with the crowd
Or do you stay at home, then grumble long and loud.

Do you help with catering, visit a member who is sick
Or leave the work to just a few, then complain about the clique
Do you support the functions and play a useful role
Or do you comment, “I only want to bowl”.

Come to the green more often and help with hand and heart
Don’t be just a member, but take an active part
Think this over member, you must know right from wrong
Are you an active member or do you just belong.

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