Captains Charity Day 2018

This years Captains Charity Day was held on the afternoon of 15th July and yet again it turned out to be a very hot day.

There were 34 members in attendance and Captain Bev, assisted by Vice-Captain Ellen, set up four rinks with two sat out whilst nine ends were played. All came into the clubhouse at this stage to take a breather and take a drink to revitalise . The two seated out were then brought into the game and a further nine ends completed an afternoon of friendly and enjoyable bowling with friends.

Everyone had brought a plate of food so there was plenty to each whilst conversation flowed and Bev sorted out the winners of the various competitions that were run, see list below. A raffle was run whilst the monies collected from the charity box, raffles, spider and guess the weight of the cake and whiskey draw were added up.

Winners were:-

Whiskey – Colin Smith, Guess the cake weight – Josie Mulligan, Spider – Ken Roberts

The overall winner was of course the charity, Alzheimer’s Support, to the tune of £200

Well done all

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