Devizes v Newport O60s League

Last Friday, believe it or not the 13th of July, Devizes met the challenge of supporting a 9 rink home friendly against Newport O60’s League. A side on a day trip out from a number of clubs in the Newport area who play in their local O60’s league
The first challenge to be met was the unusual format of the match where the request was for six rinks of men and three rinks of ladies even though the match was one game not two separate ones. The challenges were to get enough players, to supply enough food and to keep the bar running all needing extra work from the usual few volunteers.
The match itself was played in excellent spirit and very friendly whilst all suffered with the heat. The result was a close finish with the visitors winning by just 13 shots at 184 to 171. Top rink for Devizes was Stan Rutherford, Keith Bruton, Bernard Fox and Dave Greenwood.
Many thanks to those who brought a plate of food making for an excellent buffet and a special thanks to Patricia Reeves, Rosemary Bradbury, Wendy Gaisford and Jenny Coates who provided extra support in the kitchen as well as Jill Halliday and Liz Soellner who ran the bar.
Our visitors enjoyed themselves so much they even asked if they could repeat the visit next year and were full of praise for the club as the President, Rosemary Bradbury, said her goodbyes to them as they boarded their coach for home.

Dave Greenwood

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