Wilson Cup

Devizes “A” team played in the Wilson Cup, an offshoot knockout competition for players in the Mid-Wilts Triples League, on Wednesday night at Trowbridge Town. The greens were found to be very difficult with patches of green then brown effecting both line and weight.
The result was:-

Devizes A : S.Northway, G.woollan and M.Mitcham, 10
Trowbridge Town: T.Fuller, P.Nash and R.Francis 19

Devizes “B” team were due to play Warminster in the same competition at home but despite intensive efforts by the organisers both teams were unable to find a date prior to the schedule completion time. As no delay is allowed by the rules it was decided by mutual agreement both teams would withdraw from the competition neither wishing to benefit from each other by toss of a coin or any other way of producing an ad-hoc winner.

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