Mid-Wilts “A” Triples.

Another good win for “A” team at North Wilts against their “B” team on their home green. Devizes came through with 10 points to 4 win.

Individual results were:
Rink 1: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden 10 – 22
Rink 2: G Woollan, C Smith and M Mitcham 27 – 15
Rink 3: B Reeves, D Poole and C Merrifield. 17 – 21
Rink 4: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins 32 – 6.75

The home team on rink 4 only had 2 players playing against the Devizes triple and therefore had to forfeit 25% of their shot score.

Shot totals were 86 to 64.75

Mike Mitcham
Team Leader.

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