Mid Wilts Triples League

The local battle between the “A” and “B” Mid-Wilts teams took place on Thursday 9th August and on this occasion,  it was the “A” team that won the day

it has to be said that the whole game was played very competitively but with great humour across all rinks.

Rink 2: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins           17-15   M Alexander, R Bradfield and D Keen.

Rink 3: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden               27- 9     K Hannam, B Fox and T Miles.

Rink 4: D Russell, G Woollan and M Mitcham      19 -13    S Brown, P Coombs and D Ryde-Rogers

Rink 5: S Northway, K Curtis and B Howard       15 – 22   P Romijn, W Wrobel and D Greenwood,

Result:  78 shots to 59   and   12 points to 2

Well done the “A” team, next battle the Peter Bradbury Trophy match!

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