Devizes “D” Win Promotion.


Some good news for the men at last after what has been a very poor year all round in the league programme.

White Horse League (Tea & Biscuits) Devizes “D” team gain promotion from Division 4 to Division 3 next year. See report from team captain Tom Mullins below:

“The season started with a squad of 7 players Barry & Viv Alexander, Terry Miles, Pat Miller, Tom Mullins, Mike Ponting & John Scoffield. Holidays and other commitments made selection very difficult, so we soon added Ian Wilson.

The season started with 2 wins but we were soon brought back to reality with 3 defeats the worst being against Chippenham park “A” 40-11, however, our fortunes turned between mid-June to mid-July with 5 wins on the bounce the best being 25-9 at home against Box Foxes.

With 4 games left we were struggling to field a team we added Colin Shewring to the squad , with 1 game left we were sitting fourth on the same points as the teams in second and third place but our shot difference was -30 the other two teams both had positive figures, however, one team had completed their games the other lost their last game and we beat our opponent Box Foxes at their ground 24-12 to end in second place. The season overall result was”

Played 16
Won 9
Drew 1
Lost 6
Points 19

Tom Mullins

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