Short Mat v Urchfont

On the evening of Wednesday 22nd January, the short mat group gathered as usual for the short mat session but this time with a difference. This was to be a friendly match against local rivals from the village of Urchfont. Because of the number in attendance the team was split into two rinks and a triple. The triples played on the middle rink for all sets whilst the fours alternated between rinks 1 and 3 and change round took place every 5 ends.

The teams from Devizes consisted of :-
Alison Brooks, Bernard Fox, Kelvin Nash and Steve Brooks.
Pam Nash, Hugh Jupp, Kevin Hannam and Colin Smith.
Carol Butler, Colin Shewring and Men’s captain for 2020, Simon Northway.

The triples had a close game on set one only losing by one shot at 5-6 but were triumphant in the next two sets winning 11-0 and 4-2 with a final score of 20-8.

The team led by Steve Brooks won all three sets by 6-3, 10-2 and 5-1 for a final score of 21-6.

The other foursome led by Colin Smith had a superb first set winning 13-0 but went backwards after that drawing set two at 4-4 then winning set 3 at 6-5 by scoring a 5 on the last end and producing an overall score of 23-9.

The final tally across the board was a great win for Devizes at 64 shots to 23. Many congratulations keep the trend going for the rest of the season.

Terry Miles (Short Mat Co-Ordinator)

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