Social Minutes

Draft Minutes of DBC Social Committee Meeting

Friday 24th July 2020, 2.00pm, at Devizes Bowls Club

Present :    Terry Miles – TM, Sheila Garlick – SG, Rosemary Bradbury – RB, Ellen Stiles – ES, Phil Coombes – PC

                    Lorna Heath (LH), Hugh Jupp (HJ), Ellen Stiles (ES)

Apologies:      None

A welcome to everyone present was extended by the Chairman.

The Social Committee held a short meeting at the Bowls Club with guidelines of social distancing strictly followed by placing chairs 2 metres apart.  We are still very much restricted by the current guidelines to how much we can offer socially at this time relating to numbers, social distancing and facilities available i.e. toilets.  As soon as guidelines allow we hope to get some social events organised for the members.


Agenda Item



Floodlit Bowls

The first item discussed was the Floodlit Bowls which is provisionally booked for Wednesday 9th September 2020. So far the Committee have been unable to source flood lights but enquiries are still on-going.  As soon as this has been achieved the Committee will have more idea on how the evening will be structured if guidelines allow it to go ahead.  We may have to think of alternative means of lighting other than flood lights.  If the evening goes ahead the game will be followed by a fish and chip supper.



Review of Planned Events

The Future Ideas as listed in the previous notes were discussed and the Committee were all happy, if guidelines/time allows, we will go ahead with at least some of these events as soon as we can.



‘Walking’ Treasure Hunt


A ‘Walking Treasure Hunt’ around the local area was suggested and this is something we think we could get sorted out fairly soon even with current restrictions.  Members would walk around the local area in twos, threes or even fours with a set of clues and search for the answer to each clue and then make their way back to the Club House for maybe a cup of

tea/coffee if Guidelines at the time allow.  We would aim for this to take 45mins – 1 hour to complete as we felt this would not be too much for the members to feel comfortable with.  It can be done at your own pace and will not be time limited.  You should not need a map or compass as most members are from the local area and we will not make it too difficult!!  The winner(s) will be the one(s) to come back with most correct answers!  We will be working on this over the next couple of weeks and will discuss it at the next meeting on 14th August.  We will then be able to confirm a date for this event to take place.







We are still working within the limits of Government Guidelines which is restricting how much we can offer at the moment, but as soon as restrictions are eased we will proceed with some of the planned events.


Meeting Closed:                                                        3.00pm


Date of next Meeting:

                              Friday 14th August 2.00pm at The Club


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