Top Green To Open

The Top Green is Opening on Saturday 18th July

Revised Green Booking Instructions

There are now separate sheets for each green, but you only have to use the same link as before. When you open the link there are now two tabs at the bottom of the sheet, one for the Bottom Green and another for the Top Green.

Please make sure you select the correct Green by clicking on the appropriate tab for the green you want to book before typing in your name. Otherwise the procedure is the same as before.

If you book the first session on the top green on Monday or Friday, you may find that the greens team is still working on it for a short while.

If absolutely necessary to finish a competitive game, you may have to use a little of the 30 minutes break time at the end of your session.

The bottom green sessions remain at 1 hour, the top green sessions are now 1 hour 30 minutes. You may now book up to one week in advance, but only 2 sessions in total for each member. This is to ensure that there is space for all members of the club.
Bowls Committee

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