3 and 4 Rink Leagues


Bowls Wiltshire has issued information to all clubs that play in 3-rink and 4-rink leagues, summarised below for wider distribution by BC:

  1. Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic and in line with guidelines published by Bowls England, the Bowls Wiltshire Men’s Committee have decided to suspend the play in both the 3 Rink Leagues and 4 Rink Leagues until after the 21stJune 2021. This is the date, published by the Government, for proposed lifting of all restrictions. The Men’s Committee ruling means that play will commence at the start of July 2021.
  2. For the 3-Rink league prepared by league secetary Pete Riches and already circulated to Devizes men by Ellen on 5th april, is that teams would play the fixtures as already arranged after 1st July and that he would then take the results from the 12 best matches and where some teams have played less than 12 then he would add up to 2 further results to finalise a table. The season would then be rounded off by playing finals play-offs, (details to follow).
  3. The above proposal was accepted by the BWMC on 13th April. It was further felt that due to the fractured nature of life during this year the idea of a competitive League did not make sense and that we should just play for the shear enjoyment of the game and not worry too much about the final result. That is not to say that the individual sense of achievement is lost when we succeed! Note that there will be no trophies awarded for both 3RL and 4RL this year.
  4. Please note that the main rationale for not allowing play before 21st June is that car-sharing is not permitted; which means that the only way that players could travel to away fixture is by single car occupancy which would mean 12 cars per match would be travelling up and down the county, with the associated extra risk and the added difficulty of finding places to park.
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