Website posts for 2021


For obvious reasons it has difficult to keep the website up to date as since September, other than meeting minutes, included in the members area, the many messages from Bowls Wiltshire and Bowls England has been the prominent feed for information to write about.

The committees have worked hard to plan for the 2021 season, despite an everchanging set of rules. The efforts to bring notices to you via the website on the whole have been very successful and we plan to continue with sign up sheets and rink bookings on line to supplement anything that may come into fruition as the rules change, yet again, and we are eventually allowed in the club to see notices on the board and the traditional table.

I would like to ask ALL team leaders to communicate results and submit reports throughout the season or if they cannot do this themselves please nominate a team member who is willing to do so.

Remember its your site! and it can only be a good as the information provided.

Dave Greenwood

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