Annual Bowls Meeting 2021


The annual bowls meeting took place at the club on the morning of 6th November starting at 10.30 am.

Acting Chairman of the bowls committee Chris Holt opened the meeting with a request for a minute’s silence for those we had lost over the past two years. Those named were Marion Butcher, Roy Chumbley, Bill Lee, Norman Miles, Maurice Ottridge, Peter Romijn, Monty Smith, Ingrid Thorogood and Joyce Weston.

Chairman continued with the meeting and announced that there were 57 members in attendance and 13 apologies. There were no minutes from a 2020 ABM due to covid restrictions no meeting took place.

The captain’s then, in turn, gave their reports with a heartfelt one from Sue including high praise and thanks to her Vice-Captain Ali Cross and very grateful thanks to the members for the remarkable fundraising that went on to raise such a large sum of money for the captain’s charity, the MS Society.

Simon however, as men’s Captain, did a Simon and kept his report short and sweet. He reported on the successes of the men’s leagues, joining Sue in thanks for the money raised and wishing the new Captain’s the very best of luck for the 2022 season.

Both Captains then handed over their Captain’s badges to their successors Tom Mullins and Ali Cross. They announced the names of their Vice-Captains Mike Mitcham and Julie Romijn. The new Captains then voiced their hopes for 2022 and named their charity as moto neuron. Ladies Captain also appealed for more people to sign up for club friendlies saying in her view,  it should not be necessary for the Captains to be chasing around to hunt for extra players when the were so many registered players in the club. Men’s Captain appealed for support for the Friday night club nights.

Bev Lilley gave a short presentation with illustrations of the proposed new club shirt and a county shirt was also circulated to show the type of material that would be used. A vote was taken to see the feeling of the meeting regarding having a new shirt and 31 were in favour with 5 against leaving 21 un-decided.

Chairman then announced the bowls committee’s nomination for the most improved player of the year (The Ricky Stinton Award) and this was Steve Brooks.

The President closed the meeting wishing everyone a safe winter and the best of luck in everything for 2022.

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