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As you will all have hopefully seen in the minutes of the December Bowls Committee meeting (available on line for you to see) the committee accepted the job of furthering the move to new club shirts for the 2022 season from the design team of Bev Lilley and Gerald Webb,

The arrangements for how we will  progress the task are as follows:-

  1. A sign-up sheet can now be located in the MEMBERS AREA under SIGN-UP SHEETS and in a folder on the SHELF ON THE BAR OR ON THE TABLE IN THE HALL.
  2. Because of Health and Safety issues with the current pandemic, the trying on and excessive handling of the shirts is BANNED. By all means have a feel at the material if you so wish but go no further.
  3. It is recommended that before signing up on line or visiting the club to sign up you measure a current shirt you own and compare it with the list supplied and detailed below to assist your selection of the right size to order.
  4. The prices detailed in the folder are valid ONLY UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY so if we can complete the project by then it would be excellent, If we stick to the original closing date of Saturday 12th February after coffee morning there will be a small increase in costs. The greater number of shirts we order the cheaper they become.
  5. The link below will give you access to the picture of the newly designed shirt.

Ladies Sizes: 12 = 40″, 14 = 42″, 16 = 44″ and 18 = 46″.

Men’s Sizes: Small = 40-42″, Medium = 42-44″ Large = 44-46″, XL = 16-48″

Remember the ladies shirts are more styled than the men’s but the men’s are longer in length

Hope you like it.

New Club Shirt

Bowls Committee

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