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The opportunity to make history for the club in this County Competition by going on to win the competition was sadly missed for this year but next  year …..

Great day of  Bowls at Salisbury Bowls Club who gave a wonderful welcome to the ladies and spectators.

The two games we saw were played with such good humour as can be seen from the photo of one of our teams.

Well done ladies and applause for the hosts SBC !




Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Know the Laws

So this month the big question is: can the skip pass the score card to another player in Wiltshire Competitions and Leagues

I thought I would highlight one Law each month , this will be found under the Members menu, together with a link to download or just read the LAWS OF THE SPORT OF BOWLS.

Good Luck !


Everyone loves to play at Devizes Bowls Club and so once again the County Championship Finals come to Devizes.

Last weekend some brilliant exhibitions of the sport were seen , next weekend Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th you have the opportunity to see more exciting finals DON’T MISS IT !


The Mens Fours final between Spencer Moulton and Wootten Bassett and the winners receive their trophy.

Well done Wootten Bassett !

Excellent Marker Session held at the Club on 23rd July

Marianne Menzies and Ian Riach delivered an interesting session both theory and practice and for all those who attended you might find the following useful

Extract from World Bowls Guidelines for Markers

Communication of information by the Marker

Only answer questions asked by the player in possession of the rink, remembering that possession of the rink passes to the opponent as soon as a bowl comes to rest, allowing time for marking that bowl as a toucher.
Only answer the question asked and be concise. For example, if you are asked “Am I holding shot” – then answer “Yes”.
In general, don’t provide information that has not been asked for! Equally, use common sense. For example: if you are asked “Am I holding shot” and the player is holding two shots, you should say;
“Yes, you are holding two”.
If you are unsure which is shot bowl, don’t be afraid to say that it is a measure. Don’t be forced into making a decision when you are unsure.
It is important to have an understanding of the type of questions which players are likely to ask and to be able to anticipate the information that they are looking for – you are their eyes at the head.
For example, if a player asks “Is that bowl jack high?” and the bowl is not exactly jack high, tell the player how far short or past jack high it actually is.

Be as accurate as you can when giving distances. For example, if a bowl is 45 centimetres (18 inches) short do not say that it is 60 centimetres (two feet) short -players will quickly lose confidence in you if you do.

Swansea team visit

On Friday 22nd July we played host to a really friendly team from Swansea they loved our greens and the friendly nature of all our players.

These friendlies are a great way to compete without pressure, don’ t miss these opportunities, sign up in the clubhouse !