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January / February

You can be forgiven for thinking that nothing happens on the greens during the winter but in fact a great deal has to be done to protect and make sure the reputation of the best greens in Wiltshire is maintained for the coming season.

The greens are currently looking as good as can be expected for the time of year, whilst the frost and snow have helped to keep them protected from infections and halted their growth, we have experienced a considerable amount of moss growth, certainly more than normal!

We have mown the top green once and the Contractor has made one visit to aerate both greens and spray a concoction of feeds and herbicides to control the moss.

The hedge bordering the top green has been cut back by 1 meter giving more space on the pathway and a much tidier appearance.

As a team we are meeting weekly to check the greens and their surroundings and carry out maintenance. Most of the edges have been clipped and a considerable number of weeds removed from the surface.

We are expecting the change in the weather to start the grass growing again. Regular mowing will then gradually reduce the height to a playing level by the start of the season.

Greens Team.

Website Survey Feedback

A BIG THANK YOU from Ash and Kelvin to those members who responded to our survey regarding the Club website.

We had 56 returns from members and we wanted to let you know that the restructering of the site is complete and adresses those wishes expressed where it was possible.

A Complete Survey Result table can be found by clicking on Members Area and selecting Members you will need the password to view it.




Bowls Wiltshire County Finals

10th September 2022

Saturday 10th September saw the Bowls Wiltshire County Finals return to the Devizes greens.

Amongst the first games played was the semi-final of the Ladies Unbadged 2 wood Singles.

Devizes’ Dawn Holt was drawn to play against Vanessa McCormack of Amesbury.
After an evenly matched start, Vanessa managed to pull ahead and Dawn admitted defeat after 18 ends.

Although very disappointed with her performance on the day, Dawn was heard to say,

“There’s always next year! If somebody had told me at the start of this season that I would end up playing in a County semi-final, I would have been delighted!   Congratulations to Vanessa on a match well played.”



Saturday 3rd September 

Weekend of excellent bowls competition, the weather was perfect the expected rain stayed away and the manicured greens were tricky enough to draw out the best in our club members.

Saturday morning started with the Mens Championship between John and Matt a nip and tuck event all the way to the end !

At the same time the Mens Endeavour was being fought by Richard and Kelvin .

Saturday afternoon, started with the Over 60’s Championship starring John and Les.

Over on another rink we had the Mens 2 Wood final with Kiwi and Matt.

Sunday 4th September, it all started with the Mens Pairs final featuring Les and Kiwi versus Kelvin and Chris.

Whilst at the same time John and Mike fought for the Centenary Cup 9 consisting of two sets of nine ends, players need to win a set each to force a decider. It was decided however with just two sets played but with at least one interesting incidence during the game !

The afternoon we watched the Ladies 2 Wood final between Marie and Patricia played with determination and skill !

Tucked away on rink 1 we had the finale of the reknowned Husband and Wife competition , enter this competition at your own risk ! The Normans and the Scofields fought it out bravely without armour .

I leave it to you to view the images to determine the winners in each competition, answers on a postcard 

Ladies County Unbadged 2 Wood NEWS

Saturday 20th August, at the Devizes Bowls Club we saw the matches to determine the last 4 for the semi-finals of the County Wide Competition.

The finals are to be held at Devizes and will be on the 10-11 September.

We congratulate them all and especially to our member Dawn Holt who made it through ! Well done !

So come on everyone show her our support on the finals day by coming to watch.