Mid Wilts Triples League

The local battle between the “A” and “B” Mid-Wilts teams took place on Thursday 9th August and on this occasion,  it was the “A” team that won the day

it has to be said that the whole game was played very competitively but with great humour across all rinks.

Rink 2: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins           17-15   M Alexander, R Bradfield and D Keen.

Rink 3: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden               27- 9     K Hannam, B Fox and T Miles.

Rink 4: D Russell, G Woollan and M Mitcham      19 -13    S Brown, P Coombs and D Ryde-Rogers

Rink 5: S Northway, K Curtis and B Howard       15 – 22   P Romijn, W Wrobel and D Greenwood,

Result:  78 shots to 59   and   12 points to 2

Well done the “A” team, next battle the Peter Bradbury Trophy match!

Mid-Wilts “A” v Chippenham Park “A”

A much improved performance gave the “A” team a much better result than the previous two weeks but only just, loosing overall by 9 points to 5 and a shot count of 70-73 in favour of Chippenham park A.

The captain won a close game on his rink, Bob Budden won on his and Chris Merrifield drew but the fourth rink went down quite heavily.


Dave Russell, Geoff Woollan and Mike Mitcham won 18-16
Steve Brooks, Colin Smith and Bob Budden won 23-11
Don Tucker, K.Roberts and Chris Merrifield drew 18-18
Simon Northway, Ken Curtis and Duncan Poole lost 11- 28

Mike Mitcham
Team Captain

Mid Wilts “A” v Warminster

Again not a good night for the Mid-Wilts “A” team when they played away at Warminster who are top of the league.
The green bowled well and had more grass on it than some, it was bit slow and this is where some of our players struggled.

Rink 2: D Tucker, K Roberts and C Merrifield won 18-13
Rink 3: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden Drew 13-13
Rink 4: B Reeves, M Mitcham and C Smith lost 8-23
Rink 5: S Rutherford, K Curtis and D Poole lost 9-29

Totals: 48 shots to 78 = 3 points to 11

County Mixed Double Rink

Today, Sunday 22nd July, Devizes played a home and away mixed double rink against Salisbury Bowls Club. The home rink was skipped by Bev Lilley with Marguerite Alexander three, Dave Greenwood two and Les Griffin as lead whilst the away foursome was skipped by Peter Fielding with Sheila Garlick three, Dave Keen two and Marie Greenwood as lead.

The match was very even at home for the first few ends then Devizes took a lead and remained in front for the whole game often thanks to some magnificent bowling by ladies captain Bev eventually winning 22-12.

Meanwhile at Salisbury Devizes were winning easily at first  then had a lean spell in the middle enabling Salisbury back into the game coming within two shots of catching up, Devizes then managed to seal the game by scoring a six almost at the end of the match.

The final score at Salisbury was 27-17 making an overall win of 49-29 taking Devizes into the semi-finals against either Highworth or Chippenham Town..

Dave Greenwood

Devizes v Newport O60s League

Last Friday, believe it or not the 13th of July, Devizes met the challenge of supporting a 9 rink home friendly against Newport O60’s League. A side on a day trip out from a number of clubs in the Newport area who play in their local O60’s league
The first challenge to be met was the unusual format of the match where the request was for six rinks of men and three rinks of ladies even though the match was one game not two separate ones. The challenges were to get enough players, to supply enough food and to keep the bar running all needing extra work from the usual few volunteers.
The match itself was played in excellent spirit and very friendly whilst all suffered with the heat. The result was a close finish with the visitors winning by just 13 shots at 184 to 171. Top rink for Devizes was Stan Rutherford, Keith Bruton, Bernard Fox and Dave Greenwood.
Many thanks to those who brought a plate of food making for an excellent buffet and a special thanks to Patricia Reeves, Rosemary Bradbury, Wendy Gaisford and Jenny Coates who provided extra support in the kitchen as well as Jill Halliday and Liz Soellner who ran the bar.
Our visitors enjoyed themselves so much they even asked if they could repeat the visit next year and were full of praise for the club as the President, Rosemary Bradbury, said her goodbyes to them as they boarded their coach for home.

Dave Greenwood

Captains Charity Day 2018

This years Captains Charity Day was held on the afternoon of 15th July and yet again it turned out to be a very hot day.

There were 34 members in attendance and Captain Bev, assisted by Vice-Captain Ellen, set up four rinks with two sat out whilst nine ends were played. All came into the clubhouse at this stage to take a breather and take a drink to revitalise . The two seated out were then brought into the game and a further nine ends completed an afternoon of friendly and enjoyable bowling with friends.

Everyone had brought a plate of food so there was plenty to each whilst conversation flowed and Bev sorted out the winners of the various competitions that were run, see list below. A raffle was run whilst the monies collected from the charity box, raffles, spider and guess the weight of the cake and whiskey draw were added up.

Winners were:-

Whiskey – Colin Smith, Guess the cake weight – Josie Mulligan, Spider – Ken Roberts

The overall winner was of course the charity, Alzheimer’s Support, to the tune of £200

Well done all

Wiltshire Ladies

Many congratulations to the Ladies of Bowls Wiltshire Johns Trophy Team who, following a magnificent win over the highly rated Devon team, qualified for the national semi-finals to be held at Royal Leamington Spa on Saturday August 4th. We are very proud to say that the team includes our very own Ladies Captain Bev Lilley. Well done the ladies, well done Bev.

Should anyone wish to go and see them please refer to my email announcing that there is a coach organised by Bowls Wiltshire Ladies starting from Melksham.

Dave Greenwood

Devizes v Trowbidge Town Triples Friendly

Captain for the day Dave Greenwood took a team of players to Trowbridge Town to play a mixed four triples friendly on Saturday 14th July. Because of so many commitments it was a scratch team having to phone around for extras even as late as the night before.

It was, as it has been for a while now, very hot and the greens were a hard and rude awakening especially for a few newer members that had not experienced such conditions before, so the result was much as anticipated. A win on all four rinks for Trowbridge Town.

Congratulations to Jeff Whiting, Marie Greenwood and Debbie Greenwood who held on to the end in the lead but just lost out on the last two ends to record a final score of 16-19, a shot difference of 3, becoming the least losing rink and therefore top rink for Devizes closely followed By Terry Bazeley, Ellen Stiles and Geoff Woollan who had a shot difference of 4.

Rink 1: Jeff Whiting, Marie Greenwood and Debbie Greenwood lost 16-19.
Rink 2: Terry Bazeley, Ellen Stiles and Geoff Woollan lost 12-16.
Rink 3: Liz Soellner, Chris Holt and Dave Greenwood lost 9-18.
Rink 4: Peter Diwell, Lynn Hicks and Denise Howard lost 6-31.

Total scores Trowbridge Town 84- Devizes 43

Mid-Wilts “A” v Spencer Melksham

Not a good result tonight (Thursday 12th July) for the “A” team. On our rink it was very close till we dropped a 4 and never really recovered.
Bob and Chris really had an uphill struggle with 2 against 3 but really did well to draw overall game 16 – 16 but having to drop 25 %
Chris had good start but lost out in end by 4 an excellent achievement as they were down by a lot more at times,
But Duncan and his team, both new players to the (A) team really did do well to win by 12.

Rink 1: G.Woollen, K.Roberts, M.Mitcham, lost 9-20
Rink 2: C.Holt, B.Budden, lost 12-16 with 25% deducted for a player short.
Rink 3: J.Jefferies, K.Curtis, D.Poole, won 25-13.
Rink 4: D.Tucker, C.Smith, C.Merrifield, lost 17-21.

Overall shot score was Devizes 63 to Spencer Melksham’s 70, a points share of 12 to 2

Mike Mitcham
Team Captain

Wilson Cup

Devizes “A” team played in the Wilson Cup, an offshoot knockout competition for players in the Mid-Wilts Triples League, on Wednesday night at Trowbridge Town. The greens were found to be very difficult with patches of green then brown effecting both line and weight.
The result was:-

Devizes A : S.Northway, G.woollan and M.Mitcham, 10
Trowbridge Town: T.Fuller, P.Nash and R.Francis 19

Devizes “B” team were due to play Warminster in the same competition at home but despite intensive efforts by the organisers both teams were unable to find a date prior to the schedule completion time. As no delay is allowed by the rules it was decided by mutual agreement both teams would withdraw from the competition neither wishing to benefit from each other by toss of a coin or any other way of producing an ad-hoc winner.