Ladies v Retired Gents

The ladies and retired gents of Devizes entered the arena for the annual battle of the sexes on what turned out to be a friendly and enjoyable sunny afternoon. The contest was over just four rinks as the number of members signing up was very limited (WHERE WERE YOU ALL??) this annual contest is always an enjoyable in-house contest where everyone is welcome and an good starting point for newer bowlers.

As you would expect the friendly rivalry was in evidence from the word go but it was the ladies that took an early lead and at the 7th end were up on three rinks and by 14 shots. By the half way mark the men had managed to reduce this to just a 3 point deficit then went ahead by 3, then the ladies were ahead by 3 …………… and so it went on to the end.

Captains Sheila Garlick and Dave Greenwood decided to keep the result hush hush until after the buffet when the presentations started with a tribute and birthday surprise to our one and only Eleanor who was made to stand on a platform whilst the ensemble sang happy birthday.

After this top rink awards were presented and President Rosemary Bradbury retrieved the trophy secretly from the back office. Would it have a pink ribbon or would it have a blue one??? surprise surprise it was BOTH as the result was 79-79, a hard earned very fair draw.

Mid Wilts “B” On Form Again

Devizes Mid Wilts Triples “B” team travelled to Chippenham Park on Thursday 3rd August expecting a hard battle on what is reputed to be a heavy green to find that the greens played very well and as expected the battle was close with Devizes coming on top by just 6 shots.

The team manged to win on three of the four rinks with only Dave Greenwood, Peter Romijn and Ken Curtis missing out going down 11-22 whilst Michael Alexander, Will Wrobel and Geoff Woollan, who stood in for Terry as captain for the day and for his first time, well done Geoff, won 15-13 and on the other rinks Bernard Fox, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield won 24-11 and Steve Brown, Colin Smith and Phil Cave won 19-17

Total was 69-96, a 12 point to 2 win

Alpha Ladies v Chippenham Town Griffins

Alpha ladies gained another 5 points on Tuesday 1st August by beating Chippenham Town Griffins by 39 shots to 27 shots at Devizes.

Rose Merritt, Sheila Garlick and Bev Lilley drew 14-14 whilst on the second rink Julie Romijn, Wendy Gaisford and Marguerite Alexander won 25-13.

Moving nicely up the table now ladies so well done.

Marguerite Alexander (Team Captain)

Alpha Ladies v North Wilts Devils

After their defeat in the hands of Box last week, Alpha ladies were more than happy to come away from Chippenham with all six points against North Wilts Devils.

Julie Romijn, Rose Merritt and Bev Lilley won 23-15 and Angela Roberts, Wendy Gaisford and Marguerite Alexander won 24-10.
The aggregate result finishing up at 47 shots to 25 a plus of 22 shots.

Well done ladies

Marguerite Alexander (team captain)

Alpha Ladies v Box

Alpha ladies had a nightmare game against Box at Devizes losing all six points and by a huge shot difference of 20-55 shots.

Marie Greenwood, Rose Merritt and Marguerite Alexander lost 11-34 whilst the second rink of Julie Romijn, Bev Lilley and Sheila Garlick lost 9-24

The only way is up now ladies !!!

Marguerite Alexander (Team Captain)

Mid Wilts “B” v North Wilts “B”

The Mid- Wilts “B” team entertained North Wilts “B” team on Thursday night looking to turn around the result from the game in Chippenham earlier in the season when North Wilts won and subjected the “B” team with its first loss of the season.

The result this time was in the end favourable with two rinks, that of Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel on one team and Steve Brown, Phil Coombes and Phil Cave on another winning 27-7 and 20-18 respectively having been in the lead for most or all of the game.

Rink 2 with Patrick Chapman, Colin Smith and Dave Keen pulled off a third win with a magnificent recovery as they were well behind at the half way mark and struggling to get a look in. However, it was a game of two halves with the second half belong to the home team who caught up then went ahead to win 18-15.

Unfortunately the game did not go well for the fourth team of Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood who played catch up all evening never quite getting ahead and finishing with a loss of 11-19.

Final result was 76-58 and a 12 points to 2 win for the home team.

Devizes Demons v Bath Romans

On Monday 24th July Devizes Demons ladies faced a home game against Bath Romans.

On one rink the team of Sue Long, Mary Jones and Ellen Stiles won 15-10 and on the second rink Patricia Reeves, Josie Mulligan and Joyce Little won 30-6 resulting in a convincing overall aggregate score of 45-16 and league points of 6-0. An excellent result all round so well done all.

Report from Josie Mulligan

Demons ladies v Alpha Ladies

On Tuesday 18th July Devizes Demons ladies competed in a local derby against the ladies for team Alpha.

On one rink the team of Sue Long, Josie Mulligan and Les Russell lost 15-20 however on the second rink Patricia Reeves, Ellen Stiles and Joyce Little finished with a win of 20-11 giving an overall result 35-31 to Demons ahead by just 4 points and league points of 4 to 2
Report from Josie Mulligan

Mid Wilts “A” Notch Up A Second Win

After our 10-4 points win against Trowbridge Westbourne “B” two weeks ago (there was no game last week due to centenary match). We welcomed Bradford on Avon last Thursday 20th July. Having been soundly beaten on their home turf in early June we turned the tables on them with a resounding   14 -0 points victory and an aggregate score of 99 shots to Devizes “A” to 49 shots for Bradford On Avon.

Harry Garlick, Ken Surman and Dave Reeves won 22 -15
Ken Roberts, David Ryde-Rogers and Ken Oliver won 22 -11
David Russell, Kiwi and Bob Budden won 20 -13
Brian Reeves,Tom Mullins and Chris Merrifield 35 -10

Tom Mullins (Team Captain)

Alpha v Devizes Demons

Devizes Alpha ladies lost to Devizes Demons ladies by 4 shots and 4 points to 2 on the evening of Tuesday 18th July.

Rose Merritt, Bev Lilley and Sheila Garlick won by 20 shots to 15 whilst on the other rink Marie Greenwood, Wendy Gaisford and Marguerite Alexander struggled on a tricky green and lost 11-20.

Well done ladies another 2 points to add to our total.

Next step Box.

Marguerite Alexander (Team Captain)