Social Minutes

Draft Minutes of DBC Social Committee Meeting

Friday 24th July 2020, 2.00pm, at Devizes Bowls Club

Present :    Terry Miles – TM, Sheila Garlick – SG, Rosemary Bradbury – RB, Ellen Stiles – ES, Phil Coombes – PC

                    Lorna Heath (LH), Hugh Jupp (HJ), Ellen Stiles (ES)

Apologies:      None

A welcome to everyone present was extended by the Chairman.

The Social Committee held a short meeting at the Bowls Club with guidelines of social distancing strictly followed by placing chairs 2 metres apart.  We are still very much restricted by the current guidelines to how much we can offer socially at this time relating to numbers, social distancing and facilities available i.e. toilets.  As soon as guidelines allow we hope to get some social events organised for the members.


Agenda Item



Floodlit Bowls

The first item discussed was the Floodlit Bowls which is provisionally booked for Wednesday 9th September 2020. So far the Committee have been unable to source flood lights but enquiries are still on-going.  As soon as this has been achieved the Committee will have more idea on how the evening will be structured if guidelines allow it to go ahead.  We may have to think of alternative means of lighting other than flood lights.  If the evening goes ahead the game will be followed by a fish and chip supper.



Review of Planned Events

The Future Ideas as listed in the previous notes were discussed and the Committee were all happy, if guidelines/time allows, we will go ahead with at least some of these events as soon as we can.



‘Walking’ Treasure Hunt


A ‘Walking Treasure Hunt’ around the local area was suggested and this is something we think we could get sorted out fairly soon even with current restrictions.  Members would walk around the local area in twos, threes or even fours with a set of clues and search for the answer to each clue and then make their way back to the Club House for maybe a cup of

tea/coffee if Guidelines at the time allow.  We would aim for this to take 45mins – 1 hour to complete as we felt this would not be too much for the members to feel comfortable with.  It can be done at your own pace and will not be time limited.  You should not need a map or compass as most members are from the local area and we will not make it too difficult!!  The winner(s) will be the one(s) to come back with most correct answers!  We will be working on this over the next couple of weeks and will discuss it at the next meeting on 14th August.  We will then be able to confirm a date for this event to take place.







We are still working within the limits of Government Guidelines which is restricting how much we can offer at the moment, but as soon as restrictions are eased we will proceed with some of the planned events.


Meeting Closed:                                                        3.00pm


Date of next Meeting:

                              Friday 14th August 2.00pm at The Club


Bowls England Podcast


Bowls England’s recently appointed Chief Executive, Jon Cockcroft, gives his early reflections and thoughts about the future on the latest episode of our official podcast ‘The Extra End’. 

Jon, who joined Bowls England on 1st June, speaks to Bowls International Editor, Sian Honnor, about his wish to involve everyone in the development of a strategy that takes our sport forwards.

Jon also gives an insight into his background, what skills he brings to the role and the importance of what a home Commonwealth Games can bring to our sport.

To listen to Jon in full, visit: 

Have your say!

Do you have a suggestion for the future of our sport or would you be keen to get involved in a focus group? If so we’d love to hear from you. All views are valued and we will factor them into our thinking as we take our sport forward. Just e-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required

To ensure you are one of the first to receive the latest news from Bowls England, visit www.bowlsengland.comand add your email address at the bottom of the homepage – just click subscribe! We always keep your personal information safe and we won’t share it with anyone else


Matt Wordingham

Publications / Media Officer

Competitions 2020

Due to the unprecedented circumstances this year there will be changes to how the club competitions will be scheduled and played.
Currently there are strict guidelines on social distancing which we all need to follow so currently there is no entrance into the clubhouse and only a limited number of rinks are available.
For this reason the number of ends played for some competitions have been reduced and the number of competitions have also been reduced.
However, the bowls committee believes many of our members would still enjoy having some club competitions this year so the following changes will be implemented:
There will be no entry fee or prizes and winners names will not be recorded on the competition boards.
Members who would like to enter for the competitions will need to complete the online Competition Entry Form by 26th July.
You will find the online Entry Form by selecting the same link as for booking a rink.
Where the selection tabs for selecting Top or Bottom green are located there is a small right facing arrow. Select this and it will take you to a selection tab for Competition Entry Form. Please complete by entering your name and entering an ‘X’ under the competitions you want to enter.
Any problems you can contact Sheila Garlick on 01380 730175 or Lynn Hicks on 01380 726116 with your selection.
The draw for the competitions will be posted online by the 1st August.
All entrants must make their own arrangements and book a rink on the top green accordingly using the online booking sheet. The normal rule of who is ‘on top’ and provide three dates does not apply. It is for both parties to make contact and arrange an agreeable date and decide who will make the booking.
When booking a rink for a competition game on the top green please refer to the Rules of Play section below to see how many sessions to book. Any games not completed by the ‘play by date’ will be chosen by drawing out names to decide who goes forward into the next round.
Please note due to the restrained time factors this year the ‘ play by dates’ will need to be adhered to.
No markers will be required for any of the games except the Rose Bowl and Gents Championship competitions. NOTE these two competitions are subject to minimum entrants in order to be played.
Entrants to keep a score record of their own games.
Winners of each game to contact Sheila Garlick or Lynn Hicks on the day of play so it can be recorded on the online ‘next round’ sheet to allow other winning members to start making arrangements ASAP.

Rules of play
All competitions to be played on top green and will take priority over roll ups.
Ladies Rose Bowl and Gents Championship
First to 21
These are to be played as full games with a Marker.
Book 2 sessions to allow enough time to complete game.
Result to Sheila Garlick on day of play.
2 Wood Games
No marker required. Use 2 jacks and 2 mats.
Book 1 session play 21 ends if time allows. If less ends played highest score wins at end of session.
Result to Lynn Hicks on day of play.
Open Singles
Use 3 bowls. No marker. 2 jacks and 2 mats.
Book 1 session to play 14 ends if time allows. If less ends played highest score wins at end of session.
Result to Sheila Garlick on day of play.
Mixes pairs
Use 3 bowls. No marker. 2 jacks and 2 mats.
Book 1 session to play 14 ends if time allows. If less ends played highest score wins at end of session.
Result to Lynn Hicks on day of play.

We do hope all of our playing members will get involved and participate as the club competitions will be dependant on entries. We look forward to seeing lots of members bowling.

From Lynn and Sheila

Top Green To Open

The Top Green is Opening on Saturday 18th July

Revised Green Booking Instructions

There are now separate sheets for each green, but you only have to use the same link as before. When you open the link there are now two tabs at the bottom of the sheet, one for the Bottom Green and another for the Top Green.

Please make sure you select the correct Green by clicking on the appropriate tab for the green you want to book before typing in your name. Otherwise the procedure is the same as before.

If you book the first session on the top green on Monday or Friday, you may find that the greens team is still working on it for a short while.

If absolutely necessary to finish a competitive game, you may have to use a little of the 30 minutes break time at the end of your session.

The bottom green sessions remain at 1 hour, the top green sessions are now 1 hour 30 minutes. You may now book up to one week in advance, but only 2 sessions in total for each member. This is to ensure that there is space for all members of the club.
Bowls Committee


To: All Bowling Members
Now that ‘Pairs’ play has been introduced the Bowls Committee would like to remind members of the Guidelines in place which still apply. i.e.

(1) social distancing,

(2) sanitising equipment

(3) Try to make sure the same player handles each mat and jack throughout the game to avoid contamination,

(4) place the jack don’t roll it,

(5) Avoid measuring for shots if possible.

We hope this helps with the logistics of playing pairs. Enjoy your bowling.
DBC Bowls Committee

Social meeting report

Update from Social Committee

The Social Committee have now had two informal meetings to discuss plans for future events and we remain optimistic that we might still be able to go ahead with the Floodlit Bowls and the Christmas Meal. Obviously, it will all depend on the guidelines at the time regarding social gatherings. A lot of excellent ideas were shared regarding these two events and the planning needed if we get the go ahead. New and exciting ideas regarding the Floodlit Bowls evening have been suggested so let’s hope we get the green light and you all get to experience the suggested formats for play. It includes – 4,3,2,1 – Yardsticks – Skittles – Rolling the jack last!!

Suggested Future Events
A Games evening
St Patrick’s Day celebration/Country & Western Evening
Hare Racing
Bingo with refreshments
Interesting Speakers
Car Boot Sale in Car Park (hiring out spaces and serving refreshments in the Club House)

All these are at present just suggestions, but we hope to be able to arrange at least some of them if not all.

We are aware that this is a very difficult time for everyone but we are still unable to offer any
immediate social events. We are very committed to following the present Guidelines.

DBC Social Committee
July 2020

Updated Guidelines for roll ups

Revised guidelines for using the green

Following requests from some members who have been bowling regularly since the green opened, the Bowls Committee has considered their request to self-organise competitive bowling over the next few weeks. This will of course have to continue to follow the guidelines in respect of social distancing, sanitising and the booking arrangements.
It has been agreed today that informal pairs games can go ahead immediately and the committee will review on 14th July how this is working in practice. It seems that weekends are less popular overall at the moment, so it is hoped that any competitions organised should primarily take place on Saturdays and Sundays.
Considerably less than 50% of the club’s membership has bowled to date and it is hoped that combined with the easing of the government guidelines this initiative will encourage more members to bowl.
The one important change to the guidelines issued by Bowls England is that we need to keep a record of who is bowling for the purpose of informing the NHS track and trace system should a Covid19 spike breakout locally. This information will be kept for 21 days therefore when booking a bowling slot please ensure you put your full name, so that if we are asked we can point the NHS in the right direction. We would hope that the person booking can remember who they play with!
The Bowls Committee is currently planning to have formal competitions both for singles and pairs which should start at the end of this month or early in August.

Enjoy your bowls

DBC Bowls Committee

Safety on the Greens

As activity in and around our greens increases, 36 members have bowled so far, please be reminded of the rules that must be followed for all of our safety.  These rules must be seen to be followed before any further opening of the facilities.

Important:  Those member in the highly vulnerable categories as defined by government are encouraged to remain at home.  Anyone with virus symptoms must not come to the club.

  • Car Park – No side by side parking.
  • Indoors – The club house is closed except for maintenance and security.
  • Equipment – To be sure club mats and jacks have been sanitized you should use the spray on the mats and jacks you are about to use. You cannot guarantee that the previous players have done so.
  • Greens – Currently one green is open. Members may play with one other member only or, if all players are of the same household, up to three other people.
  • The adapted booking system is working well giving everyone an opportunity to book on the day.
  • 2m Social distancing must be respected.


As from Monday 22nd June spectators will be welcome at the green but  please bring your  own chair and please remember to take them home.  The 2m distancing rule must be observed at all times.


Presidents Message April 2020

Hello everyone
I hope this email finds you all well . The weather at the moment has been kind to us and, if like me, you are lucky enough to have a garden, mine has never looked better, it certainly helps to pass the time away and for those of you who have not got gardens I hope you are keeping yourselves busy in other ways. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be back bowling sometime this year.
Thank you to all of you who are communicating with other members and in the meantime take care of yourselves
Love and best wishes to you all”