A Work In Progress (or is it??)

The autumn work has now started on both top and bottom greens and Trefor is looking for help next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, subject to dry weather, so please ring him (his number is in the handbook). As you will see from the pictures below it is not all hard work there are moments of relaxation and creativity as we now have Short Mat indoors and Micro Mat outdoors



Peter Bradbury Trophy

On Thursday 7th September the annual battle took place for the Peter Bradbury Trophy between Mid Wilts Triples league rivals Devizes “A” and Devizes “B” to honour the memory of Peter who was a founder member of this league format.
With the holiday period in full swing both sides had to bring in reserves as well as playing over five rinks instead of the normal format of four so that all members who had played in the league during the season were able to have a game in this important annual competition.

After the game socialising, a few drinks and a fish and chip supper finished the evening of well and the trophy was presented to the “A”, the winning team for 2017, by President Rosemary Bradbury.

For those interested in statistics the “A” team won on all but one rink though a second one was very close with only one shot difference whilst the overall score resulted in an 18 shot win for the “A” team.

“A” team                                                                   “B” Team
Richard Bradfield                                                     Steve Brown
Bryan Reeves                                                           Terry Miles
Tom Mullins                                       13                  Will Wrobel               16

Harry Garlick                                                             Bernard Fox
Ken Surman                                                              Simon Northway
Dave Reeves                                     17                    Phil Cave                  15

Don Tucker                                                               Pat Chapman
Kiwi                                                                            Phil Coombes
Chris Merrifield                                16                   Ray Ward                    9

Peter Charters                                                         Ken Curtis
Dave Russell                                                            Peter Romijn
David Ryde-Rogers                          16                   Dave Greenwood      15

Alan Sims                                                                Michael Alexander
Peter Fielding                                                         Geoff Woollan
Bob Budden                                      22                 Colin Smith                 11

Portishead Tourists

On Friday 8th September we hosted Portishead as they travelled back home from touring the Isle of Wight. The weather was not good and the game was in danger of being cancelled but all had been prepared to provide a finger buffet on arrival and, to add to the problems the team coach was held up in traffic in Salisbury and arrived behind schedule.

It was decided to have the buffet then the two captains would assess the situation on the green. When the time arrived the sun had come from behind the clouds, the greens were payable with care so in order to ensure we had a social period after the match and the coach driver would not exceed his legal hours it was decided to play just 10 ends to at least finish their tour with a short game with us.
In the end Devizes won on four rinks, Portishead on two and one was drawn and the end shot difference was just 6 shots in our favour. All agreed that despite the trials and tribulations a great time had been had and all expressed the view that we would love to meet again for a full game. Perhaps the fixtures secretaries could arrange something.

Captains Charity Day

Captains Charity Day, played on the revised date of Thursday 14th September, was played over only nine ends when a torrential rainstorm drenched the greens and all returned to the safety of the clubhouse. Whilst the numbers in attendance was lower than usual, despite the weather, good companionship prevailed and very enjoyable home made cakes and tea or bar drinks were enjoyed by all.

The captains offered their very grateful thanks to the ladies who had made the cakes and to all who had provided raffle prizes, so many that ladies captain Sheila asked if those in attendance minded if a few were reserved for the forthcoming Presidents day.

The whole proceeding took place in the presence of a few members of the British Legion who set up a stall full of interesting objects and following a speech and presentations for top rink and bottom rink, humorously reversed by Sheila, Bob Shergold from the Legion was invited to speak on their behalf and provided the gathering with some astonishing facts about the levels of money raised nationally each year for support and welfare for ex service personnel in need of help.


Dark Horses Triumph

The Dark Horses finished the season on a high gaining 20 points in the last four games, 4 points each from Holt and Trowbridge Angels and the full six points from Spencer Melksham Smoothies and Chippenham Town Dragons.

I would like to express my congratulations to my team and say how proud of them I am as we have finished top of the Third Division of Norwest League (sharing 49 points with Spencer Melksham Smoothies but we achieved a bigger shot difference which has given us the top spot!!)

Well done Alison Cross, Lynne Williams, Debbie Greenwood, Sue Reeves, Liz Soellner, Jan Hodgetts, Lynn Hicks, Rachel Whiting, Margaret Cave and Ingrid Thorogood.

Rose Keen (Team Captain)

Devizes v North Wilts Mixed Friendly

On Wednesday 6th September Devizes travelled to North Wilts Bowls Club in Chippenham to join them in a six triples friendly match. The weather was reasonable the company good and the game, ah well, two out of three is pretty good.

North Wilts won on three rinks, Devizes on two and one was drawn providing an overall result of 86 to 113. Congratulations to top rink of Ken Curtis, Phil Coombes and Terry Miles who won 25-11.

Ken Curtis, Phil Coombes and Terry Miles won 25-11
Pat Cartwright, Simon Northway and Bev Lilley drew 15-15
Stan Rutherford, Richard Bradfield and Dave Greenwood lost 5-21
Ingrid Thorogood, Marie Greenwood and Geoff Woollan lost 10-25
Peter Diwell, Lynn Hicks and Wendy Gaisford lost 15-27
Ellen Stiles, Roy Chumbley and Sheila Garlick won 16-14

Club Finals Week-End

The club competitions finals week-end was equivalent to the occasional match we play that becomes known as a match of two halves when a team is well behind then catches up in the second half. In terms of the club competitions this took the shape of a magnificent sunny ideal bowling day on the Saturday then a horrible cold wet and windy Sunday, conditions that some bowlers managed better than others.

Congratulations to all those who qualified to play in these finals, particularly those who won their games to become champions but without doubt special congratulations must go to Peter Fielding who qualified for five events and won all of them. This is the first time in the recent history of these competitions that this has been achieved.

Results are shown in the table below following the photographs.



Cup Winner
Ladies Rose Bowl Winner Rose Merritt
Ladies Rose Bowl Runner Up Wendy Gaisford
Mens Championship Winner Peter Fielding
Mens Championship Runner Up Matt Thompson
Ladies Endeavour Winner Isobel Scofield
Ladies Endeavour Runner Up Elise Ambridge
Mens Endeavour Winner Michael Lichtwaric
Mens  Endeavour Runner Up Keith Scrannage
Ladies 2 Wood Winner Rosemary Keen
Ladies 2 Wood Runner Up Sue Reeves
Mens 2 Wood Winner Jonathan Cook
Mens 2 Wood Runner Up Colin Little
Ladies Handicap Winner Patricia Reeves
Ladies Handicap Runner Up Rose Merritt
Mens Handicap Winner Peter Fielding
Mens Handicap Runner Up Les Griffin
Centenary Cup Winner Peter Fielding
Centenary Cup Runner Up Les Griffin
Over 60’s Winner Jonathan Cook
Over 60s Runner Up Les Griffin
Ladies Pairs Winners Denise Howard/Bev Lilley
Ladies Pairs Runners Up Lyn Hicks/Rosemary Keen
Mens Pairs Winners Keith Scrannage/Peter Fielding
Men’s Pairs Runners Up Will Wrobel/Steve Mulligan
Mixed Pairs Winners Wendy Gaisford/Peter Fielding
Mixed Pairs Runners Up Sue Reeves/Les Griffin
Husband and Wife Winners H & S Garlick
Husband and Wife Runners Up D & M Greenwood




Alpha Ladies Final report for 2017

Well done Alpha Ladies who have finished well up the league table. It was difficult for us at first with Sue Ochyra still very much in mind but the team settled down very well and newcomers Denise Howard and Julie Romijn also did very well.

Thank you to Bev for her assistance throughout the season, all in all I think we can feel very proud of ourselves.

Marguerite Alexander (Team leader)

Mid Wilts “B” v North Wilts “B”

The “B” team travelled to North Wilts for the final game of the Mid Wilts Triples season only to come away with yet another defeat. This however had no effect on the league positions so was not too disastrous and had the side effect that the win for North Wilts saw them move off the bottom end of the league table by a sufficient margin to stay in division 2 next year so well done them.

Team 1: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and Colin Smith lost 7-19
Team 2: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Terry Miles Lost 14-19
Team 3: Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood won 16-14
Team 4: Bernard Fox, Simon Northway and Phil Coombes won 16-11

Next Game peter Bradbury Trophy against the “A” team.

Alpha Ladies v Box

Alpha ladies travelled to Box on Tuesday 29th losing 4 point to 2 but only losing the aggregate by just 2 shots.

Denise Howard, Rose Merritt and Bev Lilley had a very good win over the Alex Jacobs triples team 21-14 whilst Angela Roberts, Wendy Gaisford and Marguerite Alexander came unstuck against a Michelle Williams team who fired every good shot off we had in the head and in the end losing by 11-20 giving an overall aggregate of 32-34.

Marguerite Alexander (Team Leader)