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Saturday 3rd September 

Weekend of excellent bowls competition, the weather was perfect the expected rain stayed away and the manicured greens were tricky enough to draw out the best in our club members.

Saturday morning started with the Mens Championship between John and Matt a nip and tuck event all the way to the end !

At the same time the Mens Endeavour was being fought by Richard and Kelvin .

Saturday afternoon, started with the Over 60’s Championship starring John and Les.

Over on another rink we had the Mens 2 Wood final with Kiwi and Matt.

Sunday 4th September, it all started with the Mens Pairs final featuring Les and Kiwi versus Kelvin and Chris.

Whilst at the same time John and Mike fought for the Centenary Cup 9 consisting of two sets of nine ends, players need to win a set each to force a decider. It was decided however with just two sets played but with at least one interesting incidence during the game !

The afternoon we watched the Ladies 2 Wood final between Marie and Patricia played with determination and skill !

Tucked away on rink 1 we had the finale of the reknowned Husband and Wife competition , enter this competition at your own risk ! The Normans and the Scofields fought it out bravely without armour .

I leave it to you to view the images to determine the winners in each competition, answers on a postcard to email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Men’s National / County Competitions

Click on the appropriate link below to see the first round draws for the Men’s competition’s. The team for the Tourist Trophy will be selected once the season starts and in good time for the event on the 29th May.

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Unbadged Singles Draw 2022

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