Six Triples Friendly v Chippenham Town

Devizes took a team to Chippenham Town for a six-triples friendly on Sunday 8th July with a team that included a number of newer players. It was known that this would be a big learning experience and it proved to be just that.

With the weather being as it has been for the past few weeks and very little shade to make use of the captains decided to restrict the game to 15 ends at the end of which the match score finished at 56 to Devizes and 101 to Chippenham.

Congratulations go to Peter Romijn, Ingrid Thorogood and Peter Diwell who became the only winning rink closely followed by Gerald Webb, Lynn Hicks and Keith Bruton who lost by just one shot.
Many thanks to ALL who played I hope you enjoyed the game.

Results were:-
Rink 1: Pat Cartwright, Roy Bailey and Ken Curtis lost 5-20
Rink 2: Terry Bazeley, Nici Sage and Ken Roberts lost 6-19
Rink 3: Peter Diwell, Ingrid Thorogood and Peter Romijn won 18-13
Rink 4: Roy Chumbley, Richard Bradfield and Julie Romijn lost 5-20
Rink 5: Carol Bailey, Henry Crate and Dave Greenwood lost 10-16
Rink 6: Keith Bruton, Lynn Hicks and Gerald Webb lost 12-13

Dave Greenwood
Captain of the day

Weymouth Tour May 2018

On the week-end of 11th, 12th and 13th May, a number of Devizes bowlers undertook a mini-tour to the south coast playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Blandford Forum, Weymouth (Greenhill) and Swanage respectively whilst staying for two nights at the Royal Hotel on Weymouth sea front.
Bowling wise the tour had limited success with a record of two losses and one win. However, socially the tour was a resounding success with the weather improving each day, the hotel food and service exceptional and good company all week end with plenty of excellent banter both on and off the rinks.

At Blandford we suffered heavy losses on most rinks with Colin Littles rink achieving the least loss with a score of 17-19 his team being Jeff Whiting, Peter Diwell and Geoff Woollan.
At Greenhill we faired much better winning on three rinks and losing on three but gaining the overall aggregate win. Top rink was Michael Alexander, Rachel Whiting, Simon Northway and Dave Greenwood with a great score of 34-14.
Sunday on the tricky rinks at Swanage we lost on five rinks and won on just the one captained by Steve Mulligan and a team of Pat Cartwright, Richard Bradfield and Angela Roberts who registered a score of 23-16.

There was another success indicating that Devizes bowlers as well as being good on the greens are also knowledgeable as the team were successful in winning the hotels Saturday night quiz organised in the bar.

Special thanks were recorded to those who organised the events and also to Geoff Woollan and Terry Miles who did day trips, Geoff to Blandford Forum and Terry to Swanage, to help make up the numbers where we were short of players.

Photos below:-