Peter Bradbury Trophy

On Thursday 7th September the annual battle took place for the Peter Bradbury Trophy between Mid Wilts Triples league rivals Devizes “A” and Devizes “B” to honour the memory of Peter who was a founder member of this league format.
With the holiday period in full swing both sides had to bring in reserves as well as playing over five rinks instead of the normal format of four so that all members who had played in the league during the season were able to have a game in this important annual competition.

After the game socialising, a few drinks and a fish and chip supper finished the evening of well and the trophy was presented to the “A”, the winning team for 2017, by President Rosemary Bradbury.

For those interested in statistics the “A” team won on all but one rink though a second one was very close with only one shot difference whilst the overall score resulted in an 18 shot win for the “A” team.

“A” team                                                                   “B” Team
Richard Bradfield                                                     Steve Brown
Bryan Reeves                                                           Terry Miles
Tom Mullins                                       13                  Will Wrobel               16

Harry Garlick                                                             Bernard Fox
Ken Surman                                                              Simon Northway
Dave Reeves                                     17                    Phil Cave                  15

Don Tucker                                                               Pat Chapman
Kiwi                                                                            Phil Coombes
Chris Merrifield                                16                   Ray Ward                    9

Peter Charters                                                         Ken Curtis
Dave Russell                                                            Peter Romijn
David Ryde-Rogers                          16                   Dave Greenwood      15

Alan Sims                                                                Michael Alexander
Peter Fielding                                                         Geoff Woollan
Bob Budden                                      22                 Colin Smith                 11

Mid Wilts “B” v North Wilts “B”

The “B” team travelled to North Wilts for the final game of the Mid Wilts Triples season only to come away with yet another defeat. This however had no effect on the league positions so was not too disastrous and had the side effect that the win for North Wilts saw them move off the bottom end of the league table by a sufficient margin to stay in division 2 next year so well done them.

Team 1: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and Colin Smith lost 7-19
Team 2: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Terry Miles Lost 14-19
Team 3: Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood won 16-14
Team 4: Bernard Fox, Simon Northway and Phil Coombes won 16-11

Next Game peter Bradbury Trophy against the “A” team.

Devizes “B” v Chipenham Town

On Thursday 24th August the “B” team were welcomed at Chippenham Town for a Mid Wilts Triples League game with a difference as we started late and finished the game under floodlights. Excellent facility in one way but playing with yellow jacks did not bode well and coloured woods were also difficult to see under the lighting.
The game resulted in another loss for Devizes by 66 shots to 75 giving a league point allocation of 2-12 with Dave Greenwood and Peter Romijn happy to be back on a winning rink for a change with the help of Colin Smith.

Team 1: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel lost 13-17.
Team 2: Peter Romijn, Colin Smith and Dave Greenwood won 18-16
Team 3: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and Ray Ward lost 21-25
Team 4: Bernard Fox, Terry Miles and Phil Cave lost 14-17

Devizes “B” v Spencer Meksham

On Thursday 17th August the “B” team welcomed Spencer Melksham to our home greens for the next episode of the Mid Wilts Triples League however, home advantage did not prevail, as the home side won on only two rinks, losing on two and missing out on the aggregate by a difference of 14 shots and thereby losing league points by 10 to 4.

Team 1: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel won 18-12.
Team 2: Peter Romijn, Terry Miles and Dave Greenwood lost 15-19
Team 3: Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield won 11-7
Team 4: Simon Northway, Bernard Fox and Phil Cave lost 6-26

Mid Wilts “B” v Blue Circle

The “B” team traveled to Westbury on Thursday 10th August to continue their Mid Wilts Triples campaign for the 2017 season. Unfortunately it was a forgettable trip suffering yet another defeat with a overall score of 40 shots to 66 a 10 points to 2 loss.

Team 1: Steve Brown, Monty Smith and Phil Cave lost 7-17
Team 2: Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood lost 5-17
Team 3: Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel lost 11-18
Team 4: Patrick Chapman, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield won 17-14

Mid Wilts “B” v Spencer Melksham

Thursday 17th August saw another Mid Wilts game against Spencer Melksham this time at home as one of the few remaining games to be played this season.

Unfortunately the trend against Melksham continued as yet again Devizes just missed out on obtaining a fully favourable result as Melksham took two rinks and Devizes two leaving the total result wholly dependent upon the aggregate score.

Rink 1 with Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Will Wrobel managed a tight win at 18-12 and on Rink 3 Pat Chapman, Phil Coombes and John Scoffield carved out a hard fought 11-7 win. On the other two rinks Peter Romijn, Terry Miles and Dave Greenwood fought hard but finished 15-19 down and Simon Northway, Bernard Fox and Phil Cave had a difficult match and a successful run of games came to an end at 6-26.

Overall score was therefore Devizes 40 and Spencer Melksham 44 just 4 points adrift from winning the aggregate and resulting in a 10-4 league point loss

Second win in a week for Three Rink Team

The Three Rink team won their second game in a week last night when they defeated North Wilts 8 – 2 at homet. On Rink 4 Peter Charters, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves & Matt Thompson were involve in a close game throughout finally winning 18 – 14. On Rink 5, Keith Scrannage, Ken Roberts, Robin Drake & Gerald Webb had a convincing victory winning 25 – 13 and then on Rink 6 Mike Alexander, Phil Cave, Terry Miles & Pete Fielding were in a close game until on the twentieth end they dropped a 6 so losing 16 – 24. This left an aggregate score of 59 shots to 51. Next up Chippenham Park at home on Monday.

Four Rink League side finish on a high

Last night the Four Rink League brought their 2017 season to a close with an emphatic 111 shots to 49 win over local rivals Pewsey Vale. All Rinks had good wins, on Rink 3 Alan Sims, Dave Greenwood, Terry Miles & Pete Fielding won 33-10, on Rink 4 Mike Alexander, Will Wrobel, Chris Merrifield & Colin Little won 27-17, on Rink 5 Keith Scrannage, Ken Curtis, Trefor Jones & Gerald Webb won 25-12 and finally on Rink 6 Peter Romijn, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves & Matt Thomson won 26-10. So a 14 nil win meaning than the club finished eighth in the Southern Area league.