Mid-Wilts “A” v Bradford on Avon

Not the best of results for last game of the Mid-Wilts season for the “A” team as they lost 12points to 2 against Bradford on Avon

Rink 1: A Sims, D Poole and C Merrifield lost 9 – 18

Rink 2: S Northway, G Woollan and M Mitcham lost 8 – 26

Rink 3: S Brooks, B Howard and B Budden lost 13 – 25

Rink 4: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins won 18 – 17

Final Score:
Devizes “A” 48 and Bradford on Avon 76.

Now the team await the final results in the hope that they stay in Division 2 for the 2019 season

Mike Mitcham
Team Captain

Mid-Wilts “A” Triples.

Another good win for “A” team at North Wilts against their “B” team on their home green. Devizes came through with 10 points to 4 win.

Individual results were:
Rink 1: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden 10 – 22
Rink 2: G Woollan, C Smith and M Mitcham 27 – 15
Rink 3: B Reeves, D Poole and C Merrifield. 17 – 21
Rink 4: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins 32 – 6.75

The home team on rink 4 only had 2 players playing against the Devizes triple and therefore had to forfeit 25% of their shot score.

Shot totals were 86 to 64.75

Mike Mitcham
Team Leader.

Mid Wilts Triples League

The local battle between the “A” and “B” Mid-Wilts teams took place on Thursday 9th August and on this occasion,  it was the “A” team that won the day

it has to be said that the whole game was played very competitively but with great humour across all rinks.

Rink 2: D Tucker, K Roberts and T Mullins           17-15   M Alexander, R Bradfield and D Keen.

Rink 3: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden               27- 9     K Hannam, B Fox and T Miles.

Rink 4: D Russell, G Woollan and M Mitcham      19 -13    S Brown, P Coombs and D Ryde-Rogers

Rink 5: S Northway, K Curtis and B Howard       15 – 22   P Romijn, W Wrobel and D Greenwood,

Result:  78 shots to 59   and   12 points to 2

Well done the “A” team, next battle the Peter Bradbury Trophy match!

Mid Wilts “A” v Warminster

Again not a good night for the Mid-Wilts “A” team when they played away at Warminster who are top of the league.
The green bowled well and had more grass on it than some, it was bit slow and this is where some of our players struggled.

Rink 2: D Tucker, K Roberts and C Merrifield won 18-13
Rink 3: S Brooks, C Holt and B Budden Drew 13-13
Rink 4: B Reeves, M Mitcham and C Smith lost 8-23
Rink 5: S Rutherford, K Curtis and D Poole lost 9-29

Totals: 48 shots to 78 = 3 points to 11

Wilson Cup

Devizes “A” team played in the Wilson Cup, an offshoot knockout competition for players in the Mid-Wilts Triples League, on Wednesday night at Trowbridge Town. The greens were found to be very difficult with patches of green then brown effecting both line and weight.
The result was:-

Devizes A : S.Northway, G.woollan and M.Mitcham, 10
Trowbridge Town: T.Fuller, P.Nash and R.Francis 19

Devizes “B” team were due to play Warminster in the same competition at home but despite intensive efforts by the organisers both teams were unable to find a date prior to the schedule completion time. As no delay is allowed by the rules it was decided by mutual agreement both teams would withdraw from the competition neither wishing to benefit from each other by toss of a coin or any other way of producing an ad-hoc winner.

Mid-Wilts “A” v Box

The Mid Wilts Triples “A” team roared back to winning form on Thursday night the 5th July with a first class win over Box at home

Rink 1: S Northway, C Smith, C Merrifield. 24 – 12
Rink 2: H Crate, G Woollan, M Mitcham. 21 – 12
Rink 3: S Rutherford, D Russell, T Mullins 21 – 7
Rink 4: A Sims, K Roberts, B Budden, 20 – 9

An aggregate score of 86 shots to 40 and a 14 – 0 league points win.

Well done all

Mike Mitcham (Team Captain)

Mid-Wilts “A” v Spencer Melksham “B”

Not good news for the Mid-Wilts “A” team this week as they went to Spencer Melksham with one player short having been unable to convince anyone to step into the breech.

They played Spencers “B” team and lost by 12 points to 2.

A.Sims K.Roberts, B.Budden lost 10 – 17
D.Tucker, C.Holt, C.Merrifield won 17-11
S.Rutherford, D.Russell, T.Mullins lost a close game 15-18
S.Northway, M.Mitcham, lost 5 ¼ – 26 having deducted 25% of their score as they were a player short and played with four woods. They actually played quite well but not having first or last wood and losing 25% of score made the possibility of a win unlikely.

Mike Mitcham (Team Captain)

Mid Wilts “A” at Bradford on Avon

The “A” team could not quite reach the dizzy heights of last week’s resounding result when they paid a visit to Bradford on Avon this week going down by 12 points to 2.

A win for Dave Russell, Ken Roberts, Duncan Poole of 23 shots to19 claimed the two points but this was coupled by narrow losses for Don Tucker, Chris Holt, Chris Merrifield,13-14 and Peter Diwell, Bob Budden, Colin Smith, 13-15. The fourth rink of Tom Mullins, Geoff Woollan, Mike Mitcham struggled to find the weight of the Bradford green and had to settle for a slightly higher loss of 9 shots to 20.

Final result 58 – 68 shots and 2-12 points

Mid-Wilts: Devizes “A” v North Wilts “B”

A good result was achieved for the “A” team on Thursday night playing at home against North Wilts “B”. After a shaky start on all rinks the team staged a great comeback right across the board.

We struggled for the first 11 ends with Don Tucker, Geoff Woollan and Mike Mitcham down by 9 shots at the 12th end and it did not look as though we could recover, however, Don in particular really found the lines and this seemed to inspire the team as a whole and we came good to take the lead on the 17th end by one shot then taking 4 on the last end finishing 23 – 18.

All other rinks fought very hard with very close games until the end and all succeeded to record a win.

Alan Sims, Dave Russell, Duncan Poole 21 – 17.
Stan Rutherford, Chris Holt, Chris Merrifield 23 – 11.
Peter Diwell, Barry Howard, Colin Smith 19 – 13.

Total shots 86 – 59 making it a 14 – 0 win.

Mike Mitcham (Team Captain)

Mid-Wilts “B” v Devizes “A”

The Mid-Wilts “B” team secured a good win at home on the evening of Thursday 7th June, over their very local rivals Devizes “A” team. At one stage the “B” team were winning convincingly on all four rinks but the “A” team triple of Simon Northway, Barry Howard and Monty Smith picked up a six on the 14th end to go into a lead which they held onto until the finish. The “A” team trio of Pat Chapman, Chris Holt and Chris Merrifield also staged a late comeback scoring seven shots on the last four ends but narrowly missing out by just four shots.

Congratulations go to the teams of Roy Bailey, Michael Alexander and Steve Mulligan and Bernard Fox, David Ryde-Rogers and John Scoffied who had very convincing wins.

Scores for the home team were:
Bernard Fox, David Ryde-Rogers and John Scoffield won 21-9.
Roy Bailey, Michael Alexander and Steve Mulligan won 19-9.
Peter Romijn, Richard Bradfield and Dave Greenwood won 17-13.
Ken Curtis, Phil Coombes and Will Wrobel lost 13-18.

Totals were:
Devizes “B” won 70-49 obtaining a points victory of 12-2.