Peter Bradbury Trophy

On Thursday 7th September the annual battle took place for the Peter Bradbury Trophy between Mid Wilts Triples league rivals Devizes “A” and Devizes “B” to honour the memory of Peter who was a founder member of this league format.
With the holiday period in full swing both sides had to bring in reserves as well as playing over five rinks instead of the normal format of four so that all members who had played in the league during the season were able to have a game in this important annual competition.

After the game socialising, a few drinks and a fish and chip supper finished the evening of well and the trophy was presented to the “A”, the winning team for 2017, by President Rosemary Bradbury.

For those interested in statistics the “A” team won on all but one rink though a second one was very close with only one shot difference whilst the overall score resulted in an 18 shot win for the “A” team.

“A” team                                                                   “B” Team
Richard Bradfield                                                     Steve Brown
Bryan Reeves                                                           Terry Miles
Tom Mullins                                       13                  Will Wrobel               16

Harry Garlick                                                             Bernard Fox
Ken Surman                                                              Simon Northway
Dave Reeves                                     17                    Phil Cave                  15

Don Tucker                                                               Pat Chapman
Kiwi                                                                            Phil Coombes
Chris Merrifield                                16                   Ray Ward                    9

Peter Charters                                                         Ken Curtis
Dave Russell                                                            Peter Romijn
David Ryde-Rogers                          16                   Dave Greenwood      15

Alan Sims                                                                Michael Alexander
Peter Fielding                                                         Geoff Woollan
Bob Budden                                      22                 Colin Smith                 11

Mid Wilts “A” Notch Up A Second Win

After our 10-4 points win against Trowbridge Westbourne “B” two weeks ago (there was no game last week due to centenary match). We welcomed Bradford on Avon last Thursday 20th July. Having been soundly beaten on their home turf in early June we turned the tables on them with a resounding   14 -0 points victory and an aggregate score of 99 shots to Devizes “A” to 49 shots for Bradford On Avon.

Harry Garlick, Ken Surman and Dave Reeves won 22 -15
Ken Roberts, David Ryde-Rogers and Ken Oliver won 22 -11
David Russell, Kiwi and Bob Budden won 20 -13
Brian Reeves,Tom Mullins and Chris Merrifield 35 -10

Tom Mullins (Team Captain)

Devizes “A” Compete In Wilson Cup

Teams from The Mid-Wilts league can enter into the annual knockout competition known as the Wilson Cup.
On Saturday 15th July the Devizes “A” team of Dave Reeves, Ken Surman and Tom Mullins played against Chippenham Town’s “B” team.
Devizes trailed throughout the game and were 10-14 down on 17th end then picked up a four on the last end to force the game into a sudden death play off. This end went back and forth with the jack being moved on several occasions but unfortunately Chippenham Town forced a win by just two shots.
Result: Devizes 14 Chippenham Town 16
So near yet so far
Well done all
Report by team leader Tom Mullins

The Tide Has Turned For The “A” Team

Last Thursday, the 22nd of June, Devizes “A” team finally had a win in Division 1 of the Mid Wilts triples league against North Wilts “A”.

The team were successful on two rinks and drew one other whilst losing on the fourth, however, the aggregate score was 72 shots each which gave a points win of 8 points to 6.

Let’s hope this is the turning point in our season.


Tom Mullins (Team Captain)