Mid-Wilts “B” Roller Coaster

Life on the green with the Mid-Wilts “B” team is turning into a roller coaster ride in terms of the results of the last three games.
On the 8th June the team had an excellent win gaining maximum 14 points by winning on all four rinks and gaining the aggregate score as well with a total of 81 shots to 36.5. The half shot being the result of a mathematical calculation as on one rink Box only fielded two men and by the rules of the game forfeited 25% of their final score on that rink.
On the 15th June the team visited Trowbridge Town and the good run blipped again with a loss of 11 points to 3. Devizes only won on one rink with a team of Jeff Whiting, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood with a score of 16 – 14 whilst the third point came from a drawn rink of Phil Coombes, John Scoffield and Phil Cave at 14-14. With losses on the other rinks of 11-18 and 6-25 the aggregate points went to Trowbridge
The 22nd June saw a home game against Chippenham Town and unfortunately the team had a further upset going down by 70 shots to 85 and league points of just 1 to Trowbridge Towns 13. The one point was achieved by Phil Coombes, Colin Smith and Phil Cave who were winning handsomely, then catastrophe, dropped a 7 on the last end for a 20-20 result. All other rinks were fairly close with hard battles throughout the game. Rink 2 of Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood lost 17-21 whilst on rink 3 Michael Alexander, Monty Smith and John Scoffield lost 17-24 and finally on rink 4 Simon Northway, Will Wrobel and Terry Miles dropped a 5 on the 16th end to lose 16-20.
Hopefully the good form will return next week at home to Blue Circle Westbury.

Mid Wilts “B” Go Down at North Wilts

Mid-Wilts “B” team travelled to bottom of the league North Wilts “B” on Thursday 1st June and came to the end of their winning streak going down by 12 points to 2.

Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood gained a convincing 26-10 win whilst the three other rinks dropped points, one 23-4, however, the other two were close but the tension at the end was noticeable as all were watching the final rink to finish who, with one end to go, were only 1 shot down and the aggregate was all even. With just one bowl to go, from the opposing skip, the situation was even but the skip played with weight and got the luck drawing a two shot win to take the rink 13-16 and making the final total 66 to 68.

Mid-Wilts “B” Hard Fought Win

The “B” team in the Mid-Wilts triples league played a home game against a tough highly competitive team from Chippenham Park on Thursday night and with three rinks finished and in the clubhouse, Captain Terry Miles came to the balcony to see how the final rink was going. They were on the last end, 18 – 15 up but down one shot so information was passed to the skip that the team would obtain the aggregate by two shots provided that the result stayed as it was. Skip Dave Greenwood after consulting the team decided to forgo the last bowl and surrender the one shot so as to keep the result.

The final situation was Devizes 69, Chippenham Park 67, winning on three rinks and just going down on one so attaining league points of 12 – 2 and retaining the top position in Division 2 just 17 points ahead of Chippenham Park.

Next game away to North Wilts “B”

Mid Wilts “B” Back On Track

The “B” team played a home game this Thursday against Blue Circle from Westbury and after last week’s loss were happy to return to winning ways. Most rinks were very close but congratulations to Phil Coombes, Monty Smith and Phil Cave who romped to a 27-9 win. Elsewhere Simon Northway, Will Wrobel and Terry Miles had a hard battle but eventually came out winners at 17-16, Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Mike Mitcham who finished with 23 shots to 14 and Ken Curtis, Peter Romijn and Dave Greenwood who, on the last end, needed a three to win but were one down with just one last wood to go. Playing with weight the jack was targeted and hit and the holding shot moved to take four shots making the result a 15-13 win. Overall result 82 plays 52 giving a 14-0 points win.

“Bubble” Bursts for Mid-Wilts “B”

The “Bubble” burst on Thursday night when the Mid-Wilts “B” teams winning streak came to an abrupt end. With an overall result of Spencer Melksham “A” 86 and Devizes “B” 47 and a 2-12 points defeat there was only one glimmer of light at the end of a dismal night and that was the one winning rink of Phil Cave, Geoff Woollan and Michael Alexander who produced a hard fought win of 18 shots to 15.

The team hope to bounce back at home next week against Blue Circle from Westbury.

Mid-Wilts “B” v Box

Devizes “B” held a home match against Box on Thursday 3rd May when they yet against faced the wrath of a very cold and blustery wind coming across the North Sea from Scandinavia. The match had an unfortunate start when Les Griffin had to withdraw at the very last minute and reserve Phil Cave stepped into the breach to skip a team of Phil Coombes and Colin Smith who then roared away for the first half of the game at one stage being 12–2 up, however Box found their game in the second half, pulled back then went ahead resulting in a small loss at 12–19. Two other rinks with Monty Smith, Will Wrobel and Terry Miles on rink 3 and Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Mike Mitcham on ring 2 had very tight games with the scores being tied on many occasions. Eventually Mikes team came out on top at 15–13 whilst Terry finished up 15–19 just 4 shots adrift. The final team of Dave Greenwood, Peter Romijn and Ken Curtis had an exceptional night being ahead from the start with a 7 shot win on the first end and a final result of 32–9. This give an overall total of 74–60 to Devizes and a 10–4 points win.

Mid-Wilts “B” on the road

The Mid Wilts “B” team took to the road for their second game of the season travelling to Trowbridge Town bowling green.

Three out of the four rinks were very close with hard fought battles from start to finish. Rink 4 with Dave Greenwood, Peter Romijn and Ken Curtis raced away to a 9 – 1 lead then stayed still for 6 ends whilst the opposition slowly caught up. The game then continued on a knife edge until the final two ends when the team gained 2 shots on each to move from a 12-12 tie to win 16-12. Rink 2 again had a hard match with Michael Alexander, Geoff Woollan and Mike Mitcham gaining the upper hand and finishing at 20 shots to 17, meanwhile Phil Coombes, Colin Smith and Les Griffin kept us on tender hooks needing two to win on the last end a task they succeeded in doing for a 15-14 win. Pride of place must go however to the rink of Terry miles, Simon Northway and Will Wroble who started on fire and the flame never flickered taking the rink at 32-10. Congratulations go to Simon and Colin on playing their first Mid Wilts game.

A second success of the season then with a score of 82-53 and 14 league point to nil.

Mid-Wilts “B”

The men’s Mid Wilts “B” team started the season well with a close, exciting and enjoyable home game against Chippenham Town “B” on Thursday night gaining a 12 points to 2 result. Whilst the point score appears to make the game look somewhat one sided this was far from the truth as in terms of shot count there was only 10 shots between the two teams over the eighteen ends with the final score being 67 to 57.

As an illustration of how close the game was, there were two rinks tied at the 17th end. Rink two with Dave Greenwood, Peter Romijn and newcomer to leagues playing his first game Ken Curtis, tied at 16 each but managing to squeeze a two point win on the last end where on rink one the team of John Scoffield, Philip Coombes and Ken Martin were tied at 12 all but unfortunately dropped one shot on the last end.

Results were

Rink 1: 12-13, Rink 2: 18-16, Rink 4: 16-9 and Rink 5: 15-13

Well done all.