Second win in a week for Three Rink Team

The Three Rink team won their second game in a week last night when they defeated North Wilts 8 – 2 at homet. On Rink 4 Peter Charters, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves & Matt Thompson were involve in a close game throughout finally winning 18 – 14. On Rink 5, Keith Scrannage, Ken Roberts, Robin Drake & Gerald Webb had a convincing victory winning 25 – 13 and then on Rink 6 Mike Alexander, Phil Cave, Terry Miles & Pete Fielding were in a close game until on the twentieth end they dropped a 6 so losing 16 – 24. This left an aggregate score of 59 shots to 51. Next up Chippenham Park at home on Monday.

Three Rink success at Stratton Churchway

On Saturday afternoon the Three Rink side travelled to Stratton Churchway where they has a successful match winning 8 – 2. On Rink 3 Mike Alexander, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves and Captain Matt Thompson struggled to get into the game going down 29 shots to 12, but on the other two rinks there was far more success when on Rink 4 Keith Scrannage, Phil Cave, Steve Mulligan & Pete Fielding had a convincing 30 shots to 10 win and on Rink 5 Gerald Webb, Ken Roberts, Trefor Jones & Colin Little won 28 shots to 9. This gave a convincing aggregate score of 70 shots to 48. Next match is on Friday away to Chippenham Park.


Win in the Three Rink League

Last night the club played against Broughton Gifford in the Three Rink League and won 64 shots to 45. on Rink 1 Gerald Webb, Keith Scrannage, Robin Drake & Colin Little had a comfortable 28 -11 win. Rink 2 was a much closer affair as after 19 ends the match was tied at 15 all,however Bill Cowan, Ken Roberts, Steve Mulligan & Pete Fielding dropped 1 shot on the last two ends to lose 17 – 15. Rink 3 was also a close affair with the Devizes rink of Mike Alexander, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves & Matt Thompson trailing by 17 shots to 14 after 19 ends but picked up 7 shots on the last two ends to win 21 – 17, so an 8 points to 2 victory.



Three Rink League lose to the Blues

On Monday evening the Three Rink League side travelled to Blue Circle but could only manage to win on one Rink. The victory came on Rink 1 where Peter Charters, Ken Surman, Dave Reeves & Matt Thompson had a comfortable 20 – 13 win, on Rink 2 Will Wrobel, Keith Scrannage, Robin Drake & Gerald Webb were in a game which saw the lead change several time but unfortunately couldn’t hold on and lost 25 – 21. On Rink 3 Mike Alexander, Ken Roberts, Steve Mulligan & Colin Little struggled all evening evetually losing 28 – 9. So an 8 – 2 victory for Blue Circle.

Colin’s Rink secures a close win in the 3 Rink League

In a close match the rink of Keith Scranage, Robin Drake, Steve Mulligan and Colin Little had what looked a comfortable win but within the context of the match it was a close win as the other two rinks lost. On rink 1 Will Wrobel, Phil Cave, Matt Thompson & Gerald Webb playing against a triple always struggled losing 17 shots to 18 after the visitors score had been reduced by 25%. On Rink 3 Ken Surman, Ken Roberts, Dave Reeves & Pete Fielding battled hard but lost 18 – 26 so a 59 to 54 aggregate score and 6 – 4 on points. Next up Blue Circle at home on Monday evening.

Matt leads Three Rink side to an away victory

On Monday 22nd May Matt Thompson led the 3 rink league side to an 8 – 2 victory away at Warminster. On rink 1 Matt with Will Wrobel, Keith Scrannage & Phil Cave won by 21 shots to 12, whilst on rink 2 Peter Charters, Martin Thompson, Steve Mulligan and Colin Little suffered a 23 – 16 defeat.  On rink 3 Mike Alexander, Ken Roberts, Dave Reeves and Pete Fielding had a closer game when they picked up 4 shots over the last four ends to win 18 – 15 giving an aggregate score of 55 shots to 50 to Devizes.

Three Rink League lose in close game

Although the Three Rink side lost 8 – 2 to a strong Chippenham Town side the game could have gone either way before on two rinks Chippenham managed to pull away to claim their victory. The one success was the rink skipped by Pete Fielding with Mike Alexander, Ken Roberts & Dave Reeves who were trailing 18 – 15 after 18 ends but picked up 7 shots in the last 3 end. Willy Wrobel, Keith Scrannage, Matt Thompson & Gerald Webb went down 23 – 17 whilst Peter Charters, Martin Thompson, Phil Cave and Steve Mulligan lost 23 – 13. The next match is next Monday away to Warminster.

Holt just to strong for 3 Rink Team

Following Saturday’s win against Stratton Churchway the 3 Rink team travelled to Holt to play against last year’s league winner. The weather was cold and the green a little heavier than on Saturday, bur the team battled hard and with three ends to go on all rinks, the result could have gone either way but sadly Holt finished stronger to take an 8 – 2 victory. The one winning rink was Keith Scrannage, Robin Drake, Matt Thompson and Gerald Webb who picked up two shots on the last end to win their match 21 – 20.