Mission Statement

To ensure that all bowlers are given the opportunity to reach their full potential

We hope to achieve this as a result of the

Development of Bowling skills through Coaching

So our aims will be :

  1. To increase the number of qualified coaches.
  2. To provide coaching advice to new bowlers beyond the standard coaching period.
  3. To encourage experienced players to enter into a mentoring system with newer bowlers.
  4. To improve participation in all competitions and events.
  5. To develop the social side of the bowling experience.

In order to achieve these aims we need to encourage the following within the Club


is at the heart of this with the 6 other factors being hugely important in the development of Devizes BC into a vibrant and inclusive environment where people can learn to bowl and develop into strong, successful and competitive players – both as individuals and as part of any of our teams.

  • COACHINGnew members need to be coached in basic skills.
  • We need to encourage more members to take the Coaching Course.
  • DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATIONonce initial Coaching has taken place new bowlers need to develop their skills and learn the etiquette and procedures involved in the game.
  • We need some of our established members to volunteer as mentors to help with this process.
  • We need to provide opportunities for new bowlers to play in a learning environment with more experienced players.
  • INCLUSION AND INTEGRATIONall members should be given the opportunity to be involved in Club events and activities as they develop their bowling skills.
  • The Captains, Mentors and all established players should encourage new bowlers to move into Club teams and competitions to further improve their performance.
  • ENJOYMENT AND ENTHUSIASMBowls is fun! Tell your friends!!
  • We all want to enjoy our own playing experience and should be helping our fellow members to do the same.
  • COMPETITION AND ASPIRATIONBowls is a competitive challenge.
  • We need to encourage and develop a competitive attitude amongst our Club members at all levels of the game. Most people can play better when put in a challenging situation.
  • COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATIONit is essential that members are kept informed of news and events. It is also important for members to be receptive to information.
  • We should try to use a variety of methods to communicate with members. 

Face to face conversation is personal and the obvious way to get to know each other – particularly important to new members.

Posters/notices and Availability Sheets at the Club are the accepted way to reach the whole membership – new members need to be told about this.

The Website has the potential to reach a growing number of members and is being developed as time goes on . A new website front page is to be introduced in 2022.

The Bowling Committee has been put in place by the members and it presented this Mission Statement on, and took office from, November 1st 2013.


Aim: To ensure the smooth running of the Bowling activities within the Club and give all members the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Three areas of responsibility:-

  • Bowling
  • Development
  • Competitions



  • Agree on Captains and Vice Captains.
  • Agree Fixtures.
  • Agree Selectors for League & Cup matches.
  • Agree Selectors for Friendly matches.
  • Ensure sufficient Bowlers to fulfil fixtures,
  • Support Captains as required.



  • Recruitment & Retention.
  • Integrate new Bowlers.
  • Ensure Club has sufficient Coaches.
  • Encourage young people to take up bowls.
  • Run a Schools Partnership Program.
  • Have a Development Program to ensure each member has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Ensure the Club is striving for honours each year.
  • Ensure there are sufficient opportunities for Bowlers to play Social Bowls.



  • Run the Club Competitions.
  • Organise Finals Weekend & Presentation Night.
  • Organise Club Competitions such as the Walter Ireland.
  • Oversee members & club entries into County & National Competitions.

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