Devizes Bowls Club

Management Meeting Sept 14 2023

The cost of all Winter usage is under reviewDEVIZES BOWLS CLUB

Minutes of Management Meeting held on Thursday 14th September 2023 at 10.00 a.m. at the club.

PRESENT – M.Ponting(MP) A.Cross,(AC) C.Holt,(CH) D.Silvester,(DS) S.Reeves,(SR)  I.Pennington,(IP)   B.Lilley (BL)   W.Gaisford(WG)


1.Introduction – MP welcomed all to meeting

2.Minutes of last Meeting/Matters Arising – These were signed as a correct record and all matters arising needing discussion were Agenda items.

3.Short Mat – The question asked was “Should the affiliated Devizes Short Mat Bowls Club be charged for the hire of the hall”  After a lengthydiscussion it was agreed a small group should meet  to discuss the usage of premises during the winter season – the costs for all Winter usage is under review  This to be an Agenda item for the next meeting.  The group to consist of Alison Cross, David Silvester and Bev Lilley – ACTIONDS

4.Catering – Alison Brooks was asked to set up Ten Rules for the use of the Kitchen which she has done.  This list was agreed in principle with two copies to be sealed one for the door to the kitchen and the other where the handbasin is situated.  It was agreed that the following members of the Management Team, SR – WG – AC – BL  meet with Alison Brooks to discuss the way forwards for next year and review the charges set  ACTION WG/SR

5.Adopt Captains Job Descriptions – After discussion with the ladies captain she has requested one slight amendment after which this document can be adopted.  Amendment as agreed with the Ladies captain was passed to CH   ACTION – CH

6.Captains Charity Money/ Captains Payment– Captains charity money will be counted at the end of the season when all monies are in.  The money collected so far is in the safe behind the bar.  In relation to the Captains Payment – As Captains Day did not take place this season the ladies captains has returned the £150 allowed for this event.

7.Bowls Committee – Several Emails have been received concerning the organisation of the Bowls Committee.  These questions will be answered as soon as the Working Group have completed their tasks and a review been made.

8.Car Parking – In view of expected road works taking place bollards will be put in place to control our car park.  Further information to be sent to all members before these are fitted

9.100 Club Funds – Due to the heavy content of this meeting it was agreed to carry this item to the next meeting – ACTION WG

10.Accident Report – NTR


Xmas Dinner – After the Menu had been circulated it was agreed that minor adjustments to be made ie choice of soup and sweets  The cost confirmed would be £25 per head for three courses and £22 for two courses.  ACTION Ellen Stiles/WG
A Thankyou card and a generous donation has been received from the late Irene Jones’ family.  A request from them that the donation to be used  for a Club Event. ACTION – WG
After contacting Bowls Wiltshire Ladies and Bowls Wiltshire Men  and Bowls Wiltshire Mixed team in relation to the use of our hall for meetings, the following donations have been accepted.  Bowls Wiltshire Ladies £250 and Bowls Wiltshire Men and Mxd. £100
Constitution – It was agreed that CH will arrange a meeting between the following members to finalise this document – CH/Geoff Woollan, Sheila Turner and Gerald Webb.  ACTION – CH
It was agreed that Saturday Coffee Mornings can commence on 7th October – ACTION – WG
DS has sourced a large projection screen at a cost of £50.
Fixtures Secretary – Duncan Poole has asked if there is a  member willing to take on the ladies fixtures and work in conjunction with him to compile the fixtures list.    Email to be sent – ACTION – WG
The Club’s Civil Liability Insurance to be checked – ACTION – CH
AC questioned our water bill.  It was agreed that due to the large increase we would take our own readings to show a comparison
DS asked if we could accept a 40th Birthday Party on 23rd March 2024  This was agreed.
MP asked if we should finance training for a member of our club to train to use the insecticides on  the greens    Dave Pretty had been approached and said he would be happy to undertake this training  The question to be asked if Bowls England would contribute financially to this  ACTION – WG
A member of the club, Steve Hams has been asked to quote for the  cards to be used to enter the club.  Still awaiting a reply on this subject

12.Date of next Meeting – 10th October (A meeting to be arranged with the Working Group before this date ACTION – CH)

Meeting closed at 12.20 pm