Message from our President, David Greenwood

Message from our President, David Greenwood

At the Annual General Meeting in March this year I was fortunate to receive your vote to become your president for 2023 which in one sense was a great honour, but in another, looking back at the record of my predecessor Rosemary Bradbury, gave me food for thought. What an act to follow, just look at the board in the club and see her record of being President for ten years and carrying out the duties with such presence, fortitude and grace. If you were to elect me for the next ten years you would have a 95-year-old official at the head of the club!!!

In my acceptance speech I used one word to illustrate what I would like to see happen during my tenure and I repeat it here in this message and that word is “UNITY”. Even though we are fortunate enough to have two greens we are one club and should be unified across the board in everything we do.

Enough of the lecturing PLEASE have a wonderful season, full of joy, hopefully very dry and very successful in all competitions at whatever level you bowl at.

I shall endeavour, during the year, to visit as many games as I can both at home and away and certainly at any major competitions in which you reach the final stages.

Dave Greenwood

March 2023