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Coaching is an important part of any sport, not least bowls.  A good coach organises, inspires, educates and supports players to reach their potential.  This experience will look and feel different for bowlers depending on where they are in their playing journey from beginner to England player.

The aim of our coaches is to teach the basic methods of bowling Setting up the rink , The Position on the mat and Stance to suit you, The Delivery is what we call bowling of the bowl or the jack and a good grip is very important then the tricky bit The Bias, the bowl is not perfectly round! but you will learn how helpful that is.

Just as important the basic rules of Etiquette which will enable you to really enjoy our sport.


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Coaching Sessions


Saturday 27th May 2023

We had a very successful Pairs Challenge this afternoon.  It was a delightful afternoon with the players putting their all into the challenge.  There were loads of 

Oohh’s and Aahh’s and applause at the near misses and great bowling on the rinks, and even the less experienced players took on the challenge of guiding there partners into the head and measuring! 

We are indebted to the more experienced players who came along and turned the session into the challenge we hoped it would be. 
Jenny had a tin of chocolates for the winners, but as everyone was a winner, we shared them round!  A drink and a biscuit rounded things off perfectly.
Thank you to everyone who took part.



Saturday 13th May 2023

Development – Two Wood Practice Session 

We had a very successful 2 Wood practice session today.  We had 12 competitors supported by some of our Club markers to make the game feel more like a genuine competition.  

Each competitor played 10 ends against an opponent chosen randomly from a ‘lucky dip’ and then a further 10 ends where the Development Team matched up members with similar bowling abilities.  We were surprised at some of the results and I think the members were too!

There will be another 2 Wood practice on Saturday 27th May from 12.00 – 2.00pm.


Coaching got underway today for members of the public who signed up on Open Day.

All four coaches (Ellen, Jenny, Ken & Mike) were busy on the green coaching potential new members who all appeared very keen.  
We can tell from the start there are some very promising players.  
With a few ‘tweaks’ and lots of encouragement we are hoping to produce some future champions!!


We will keep you updated with their progress.
The Coaching Team

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