Devizes Bowls Club


When playing in a Singles match whether it be a Club Competition or a County Competition a Marker must be used . The challenger is expected to arrange the marker who acts as a match official and is impartial.

The Marker when asked, determines which player has the shot, accurately estimates and indicates distances. They also mark touchers, centres the Jack and makes sure that the Rules are adhered to and the scorecard is completed correctly.


List of Qualified Markers 
Updated 4 March 2024
Jane Bennett   Tom Mullins
Steve Brooks Richard Norman
Philip Coombes Duncan Poole
Ali Cross Chris Pretty
Ken Curtis Dave Pretty
Robin Drake Julie Romijn
Wendy Gaisford John Scoffield
Ash Galloway Keith Scrannage
Sheila Garlick Colin Smith
David Greenwood Chris Sweeney
Les Griffin Martin Thompson
Lynn Hicks Matt Thompson
Chris Holt Gerald Webb
Rose Merritt