Bowls Committee Vacancies


Each year every member of the bowls committee has to stand for re-election if they so wish. This year several have decided not to continue, so nominations will be needed in time for the annual bowls meeting on the 4th November.

In order to help you decide if you would like to help in some capacity, click the link Job Descriptions all to see the job descriptions for all of the current positions on the committee.

Should you be interested please contact any current committee member and you will be invited to a meeting to see how the organisation works to help you make your final decision to join us.

We look forward to talking to you

Dave Greenwood
Bowls committee secretary
August 2018

President’s Message

President RosemaryA New Season Message from our President

A new season is quickly approaching, and it is with honour that I write to you in our One Hundredth and First year as your President. Following last year’s successful Centenary, we are back to a more normal year but again a very busy one. We have an exciting year ahead with our first tour for many years to Weymouth and a full fixture list to keep us busy. As I welcome you all to the new season I ask you again to support the Captains by making yourself available for matches and helping with jobs around the club in any way you can. I look forward to meeting you all in April and wish you all a happy and successful season.


Presidents Day

Sunday afternoon saw the innovation of President’s Day, Captain’s Day and Awards Night all wrapped into one event and what an excellent afternoon and evening it was, enjoyed by all those playing, partners watching and many visiting past senior members … Read on..