Safety on the Greens

As activity in and around our greens increases, 36 members have bowled so far, please be reminded of the rules that must be followed for all of our safety.  These rules must be seen to be followed before any further opening of the facilities.

Important:  Those member in the highly vulnerable categories as defined by government are encouraged to remain at home.  Anyone with virus symptoms must not come to the club.

  • Car Park – No side by side parking.
  • Indoors – The club house is closed except for maintenance and security.
  • Equipment – To be sure club mats and jacks have been sanitized you should use the spray on the mats and jacks you are about to use. You cannot guarantee that the previous players have done so.
  • Greens – Currently one green is open. Members may play with one other member only or, if all players are of the same household, up to three other people.
  • The adapted booking system is working well giving everyone an opportunity to book on the day.
  • 2m Social distancing must be respected.


As from Monday 22nd June spectators will be welcome at the green but  please bring your  own chair and please remember to take them home.  The 2m distancing rule must be observed at all times.


We Are Back!!

Well almost!!
Roll ups start on Monday 1st June and we must give thanks to the hard working greens team, all the many volunteers who worked with one arm halfway up their backs and of course the Bowls and Management committees for working so hard in an ever changing, unprecedented time, that we currently live in. Congratulations to all and well done for getting us back on the green.

There are of course, as you would expect, strict regulations as to how the roll up games can be played so for everyone’s well being PLEASE read them carefully to ensure you fully understand how to safely have a game of bowls. If you have not already read them from the email the Bowls Committee circulated then click of the link below entitled “Guidelines for Covid roll up sessions” for full information.

As you will read these sessions HAVE to be pre-booked and the second link takes you to the online booking system.

Guidelines for Covid roll up sessions

The rink booking link has been removed for security reasons.

Please use the link in the email circulated by Wendy until an alternative option can be determined.

Please save the email in a safe and secure place and do not post or recirculate under any circumstances.


Keep well
Stay safe

Dave Greenwood

Presidents Message April 2020

Hello everyone
I hope this email finds you all well . The weather at the moment has been kind to us and, if like me, you are lucky enough to have a garden, mine has never looked better, it certainly helps to pass the time away and for those of you who have not got gardens I hope you are keeping yourselves busy in other ways. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be back bowling sometime this year.
Thank you to all of you who are communicating with other members and in the meantime take care of yourselves
Love and best wishes to you all”

President’s Message

President RosemaryMessage from our President

The club was all prepared for another busy season of bowls, the fixtures were done, the greens look an absolute picture and along comes Coronavirus and changes everything. The chance of bowling this year doesn’t look good but hopefully we may get onto the green later in the summer, so in the meantime keep safe and don’t forget that the use of a telephone has not be banned (yet) so keep in touch with your fellow bowlers.

Hopefully I will see you soon.




Website posts for 2020

We are very pleased and proud to launch the events on the website for 2020 with the new inclusion of a members area. The events calendar is already completely up to date with current hall bookings entered right to the end of 2020

We hope you will find the content both interesting and informative. If you have anything you want us to include please feel free to contact me.

Remember its your site! and it can only be a good as the information provided Dave Greenwood