Devizes Bowls Club Competition Rules

1. Entry
Competitions run by the club are open to all Full Members on completing an entry form and paying the appropriate fee.

2. Responsibility of Players
 Before entering for a competition, a player should make sure that if successful in the preliminary rounds they will be available to compete in the final which will be held on Saturday 3rd  & Sunday 4th September 2016

b) The player named first in a round (the challenger) is required to make the necessary arrangements with the opponents to play the game, (and in a singles competition to provide a marker), but all competitors have a duty to co-operate in arranging an acceptable date and time.

3. Responsibility of the Bowling Committee
 The Committee will fix the dates by which each round will be completed or, in competitions where preliminary rounds are to be played on a fixed date, to determine that date. These dates and any additional requirements on players will be posted on the appropriate competitions notice board. Any player or players not able to meet the Committee’s requirements or the completion date for each round will be eliminated.

b) All games will be played in accordance with the “LAWS” of the “GAME”.

c) In the case of any disputes, the Committee will adjudicate and their decision will be final.

4. Playing the Competitions
a) In a singles game the first player to reach 21 shots will be the winner, except for the 2-wood which will be over 21 ends.

b) Triples will be played over 18 ends.

c) Pairs and Rinks will be played over 21 ends.

d) In handicap competitions, the person with the lowest handicap will have to reach 21 shots whilst the person with the higher handicap will have to reach 21 plus the difference in handicaps.

e) The Endeavour Competitions will be open to Full Members whose names do not appear on the Competition Honours board.

f)  Any competition with fewer than 8 entries will not take place.

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