Robin Hendry Challenge Trophy

Wednesday 9th August saw the annual trophy match between Devizes and Pewsey Vale named after a gentleman who was prominent in both clubs many years ago and competed in his name, “The Robin Hendry Memorial Challenge Match”. This event is held alternative at Devizes and Pewsey and this year we travelled to Pewsey’s home territory.
The game over six rinks and 21 ends was played in generous and friendly way but nevertheless with the usual competitive edge as each team fought to have the honour of their name on the cup.
At first home advantage played a major part in the way the game was playing out with Devizes only winning on two of the six rinks at the half way mark with two rinks well behind. As often happens though it became a game of two half and Devizes started to claw back the deficit eventually winning on three and loosing on three. This being the case the result all boiled down to the aggregate score and when the result was announced if was Devizes 113 and Pewsey Vale 106 so the trophy was retained by just six shots.
Top rink for Devizes also followed the trend of a close fight with two rinks being of equal shot difference therefor requiring a countback of ends won. The count resulted in a difference of just 1 win and the honour went to Henry Crate, Monty Smith, Wendy Gaisford and Sheila Garlick.

Rink 1: Henry Crate, Monty Smith, Wendy Gaisford and Sheila Garlick won 31-15
Rink 2: Julie Romijn, Phil Cave, Dave Greenwood and Gerald Webb won 23-7
Rink 3: Marie Greenwood, Angela Roberts, Chris Merrifield and Dave Reeves won 18-16
Rink 4: Bryan Reeves, Phil Brown, Terry Miles and Bev Lilley lost 13-31
Rink 5: Peter Romijn, Ken Roberts, Alan Sims and Marguerite Alexander lost 12-17
Rink 6: Ellen Stiles, Ken Surman, Patricia Reeves and Gerald Webb lost 16-20

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