Revised Guidance for Bowling

Further to the Bowls Committee meeting this week, we have agreed, following Bowls England guidance, to open all 6 rinks on the Top Green for singles and pairs only.

We are not permitted to play triples and rinks without spaced rinks which we will not be doing on the Top Green in order to accommodate the leagues and competitions as well as give all members a chance to roll-up.The Bottom Green, which is due to be closed next Monday morning will remain as 3 spaced rinks.

This leaves 6 rinks open from next week which should be sufficient – it is worth noting that never once since we first opened have all the available rinks been used in one day.

Rather than change the system which we are all now used to, the kit and sanitising arrangements will stay the same, using the bottom gate for entrance, the shed on the bottom green for storage and entrance to the top green via the stairs or ramp from the bottom green.

Please remember social distancing means staying 2 metres apart unless it is not possible and then it is 1 metre +

Please note that rink 2 on the Top Green will be closed from today until next Monday at the earliest due to damage to the edge.

The Bowls Committee

Updated Guidelines for roll ups

Revised guidelines for using the green

Following requests from some members who have been bowling regularly since the green opened, the Bowls Committee has considered their request to self-organise competitive bowling over the next few weeks. This will of course have to continue to follow the guidelines in respect of social distancing, sanitising and the booking arrangements.
It has been agreed today that informal pairs games can go ahead immediately and the committee will review on 14th July how this is working in practice. It seems that weekends are less popular overall at the moment, so it is hoped that any competitions organised should primarily take place on Saturdays and Sundays.
Considerably less than 50% of the club’s membership has bowled to date and it is hoped that combined with the easing of the government guidelines this initiative will encourage more members to bowl.
The one important change to the guidelines issued by Bowls England is that we need to keep a record of who is bowling for the purpose of informing the NHS track and trace system should a Covid19 spike breakout locally. This information will be kept for 21 days therefore when booking a bowling slot please ensure you put your full name, so that if we are asked we can point the NHS in the right direction. We would hope that the person booking can remember who they play with!
The Bowls Committee is currently planning to have formal competitions both for singles and pairs which should start at the end of this month or early in August.

Enjoy your bowls

DBC Bowls Committee

Safety on the Greens

As activity in and around our greens increases, 36 members have bowled so far, please be reminded of the rules that must be followed for all of our safety.  These rules must be seen to be followed before any further opening of the facilities.

Important:  Those member in the highly vulnerable categories as defined by government are encouraged to remain at home.  Anyone with virus symptoms must not come to the club.

  • Car Park – No side by side parking.
  • Indoors – The club house is closed except for maintenance and security.
  • Equipment – To be sure club mats and jacks have been sanitized you should use the spray on the mats and jacks you are about to use. You cannot guarantee that the previous players have done so.
  • Greens – Currently one green is open. Members may play with one other member only or, if all players are of the same household, up to three other people.
  • The adapted booking system is working well giving everyone an opportunity to book on the day.
  • 2m Social distancing must be respected.


As from Monday 22nd June spectators will be welcome at the green but  please bring your  own chair and please remember to take them home.  The 2m distancing rule must be observed at all times.