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Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Know the Laws


OK all of those that answered the quiz thought it was a simple question, the answer to which everyone knows but in fact there were a couple of things which were not spotted and no one appears to have looked up the Laws and made a precise answer.

So this is it :

The first question is entirely wrong therefore none of the answers are strictly correct

So first you have to define the Mat Line C.20 Mat line: the edge of the mat nearest to the front ditch. All measurements
involving the mat and a jack or a bowl will be taken from the centre of the mat line.

“the player to play first must place the centre line of the mat lengthwise along the centre line of the rink with the Mat Line at least 2mtrs from the rear ditch and at least 25mtrs from the front ditch”

The second question answer specifically requires the centre of the Mat Line to be used to measure the distance.


The mat must be placed 2 mtrs from the rear ditch but is it measured from

  1. the front edge of the mat
  2. the centre of the mat
  3. the rear edge of the mat

The jack is delivered short relative to the mat do you check by measuring from

  1. the front edge of the mat
  2. the centre of the mat
  3. the rear edge of the mat

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Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Good Luck !

Bowls Wiltshire County Finals

10th September 2022

Saturday 10th September saw the Bowls Wiltshire County Finals return to the Devizes greens.

Amongst the first games played was the semi-final of the Ladies Unbadged 2 wood Singles.

Devizes’ Dawn Holt was drawn to play against Vanessa McCormack of Amesbury.
After an evenly matched start, Vanessa managed to pull ahead and Dawn admitted defeat after 18 ends.

Although very disappointed with her performance on the day, Dawn was heard to say,

“There’s always next year! If somebody had told me at the start of this season that I would end up playing in a County semi-final, I would have been delighted!   Congratulations to Vanessa on a match well played.”